10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs That Offer High Commissions!

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10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs That Offer High Commissions!

Did you know that you can make money with real estate without having any certification or a real estate agent license? There is a way where you can make money with real estate by using affiliate marketing where you can sell homes and rentals even without a real estate agent’s license.  

If you are not certain about how to use affiliate marketing to make money by selling rentals and homes, this post will help you by discovering the top real estate affiliate programs of 2019.

10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Here’s a list of real estate affiliate marketing programs that you can use to make money with real estate. Clickbank has a number of affiliate programs associated with real estate and they are worth a try.

1. ForClosure Search (ForClosureSearch.ca) (Canada and USA)

In these countries, there are multiple opportunities for buyers and investors since the amount of people migrating there has increased. With ForClosure search, you can search for listings. The properties that are listed on the website have been foreclosed and are then made available for purchase at a lower price than the current price of the market. You are required to pay a monthly fee in order to utilize the services offered by this website.

With ForClosure, you just need to share your affiliate link and receive credits when orders are placed through your links. ForClosure additionally offers it’s affiliates a high commission rate where you can make upto 75% recurring commissions on the sales you make. This rate is actually the highest offered in the real estate niche.

2. Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow Funding System 

  • Commission: upto 54%

This program provides you with training on ‘buying commercial real estate’. The trainings offered are largely focused on helping new investors network and start a cash flow system that will help you purchase more properties.

With the affiliate program offered by this program, you can earn upto 54% commission on every sale made by you


This application helps real estate investors find great deals on properties. Including this, BirdDogBot also offers training and resources to help new investors learn and earn from good deals.

With this website/app too, affiliates are offered a commission rate of 50% on every sale you make and you can also earn monthly re-bill commissions.

4. For Sale By Owner

This website is for homeowners that wish to sell their property directly to the buyers without any real estate agent. This site provides owners with information on the pricing process, marketing and the necessary paperwork that is important and needed to sell their homes.

Affiliates associated with For Sale By Owner, you can earn upto 25% on every sale you make.

5. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is into real estate education industry. They aim to help people kick-start their career in real estate. They offer a number of courses related to different modules of the real estate business with an experience of about 20 years.

Affiliate marketers earn with real estate express by sharing affiliate links on their websites and blogs. Affiliates also receive a commission of 25% on every sale made.

6. Property M.O.B

MOB offers the real estate investors courses, tools, virtual coaching and advice from the real estate experts to help the newbies. They also offer the best CRM platform in the industry for it’s real estate investors.

Here, affiliates can earn money by referring this program to it’s fellow investors or viewers who will gain benefits from this program and it’s tools. They also have the option of monthly recurring commissions which is not available with all the real estate marketing programs.

7. Home Plan Gallery

This gallery is the top home designers in the USA. They have helped plan and build homes across the USA and Canada. They have also won a number of national awards for their beautiful layouts, cost-effective building, and floor-plans.

Their offered affiliate program is a great option for real estate investors, agents, and bloggers. The affiliates have to place their affiliate links on their website or promote them through emails. Home Plan Gallery also pays a commission of 15% on every purchase made.

8. Corporate Housing By Owner

This is an advertising outlet which allows rental property owners and property managers to market their properties to traveling professionals. They offer advertising options worldwide for travelers looking for short term housing.

Their bronze listing package is for $339 and the average sale is for about $455. This website is high demand and they are looking for affiliates to promote and help them gain more property owners and managers who are looking at advertising their rentals for corporate housing.

Their affiliate program is run by ShareASale and they offer access to a number of banner ads, links and also provide with tracking and reporting tools.

9. HomeAway

This program offers vacation rentals for you. With over 2 million vacation homes from around 190 countries listed on this website, it’s a highly recommended website if you wish to purchase a vacation home or rent it. Even though the commissions offered are 3%  and you can also earn $20 by referring to new listings.

10. Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad is the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute who’s aim is to help people learn about investing in real estate. His programs have helped thousands of students gain success with real estate.

Their affiliate program is available for everyone who is into the real estate business. It also has a high commission rate of upto 50% on all products except coaching, information and products and more.


Since we are at the end of the post and you have read the 10 best real estate affiliate program, it’s time to pick one of these to start your real estate business.

You should target people who are looking to purchase a house, real estate investors and agents. These categories of people are the ones who are the most interested in real estate and are also willing to purchase homes or rentals.

There are also tons of ways with which you can earn affiliate commissions from these categories of people. For instance, how-to guides, product reviews, top 10, 15, 5 lists and more.

But if you are unsure how to get traffic and get conversions from these affiliate websites. And how to make sure that your affiliate links are clicked on?

Click on the banner below to find out all about my most recommended affiliate training program that I used to start my online affiliate marketing business and get tons of traffic to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below! 

Thank you!

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