5 Main Types Of Paid Social Advertising That Are Effective too!!

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Types of Paid Socail Media Advertising

Just like every mode of advertising, social media too has a number of different ways that you can use for advertising. Most people think that social media advertising is only about Facebook but this isn’t the case in today’s world especially where we have Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn playing a major role in social media advertising. 

Understanding the different types of advertising that are available, will help you choose the right ones. Here’s a list to help you out. You can experiment with these and choose the ones that work the best for you and your business.

5 Main Types of Paid Social Ads

1. Boosted Blog Posts

This is a way where you pay to boost your post on social media to attract more people to your website. For instance, while browsing on socialmedia feed and you might have come across random posts that are not even from your ‘following’ list.

Some useful tips:

  • Use
    the tools available to target your niche audience. For instance, if
    you’re a local business, you should use geographic targets available to
    give you the best results and avoid accidental clicks.
  • Choose
    posts that bring your best content to the limelight. Do not share
    random posts by influencers or businesses, this will help them not you.
  • Track performance of your boosted posts to understand what technique works best for you. 

2. Ads in Social Media News Feed

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to show your ads in various ways. These organic ads pop up naturally in someone’s feed with a ‘sponsored’ label. This is most likely to get shared since it appears directly on the feed.

3. Ads Outside The News Feed

Some platforms give you the opportunity to show your ads outside the newsfeed of social media websites. These ads don’t appear randomly to anyone but appear only to your target audience. These ads too get great visibility.

This is a great way to create brand awareness. You can also use the targeting tools available here to make your ad relevant to the people who are viewing them.

The cost of displaying these ads is the same as displaying ads in the news feed.

4. Remarketing Your Paid Social

Remarketing is all about giving second chances! At times, people are distracted when they come across your ad the first time. Remarketing is a way to get them to look at your ad/website again.

In remarketing, you redirect the people who have already visited your website back to your website. Remarketing helps you increase the clicks by atleast 400% and doubles your revenues.

Thisi s easily done when you sign up and follow the set-up of your profile. A social media site will place a cookie in the browser of someone when they visit your website. So whenever they open the social media site, they will see the ad inviting them back to your website.This could also be a special offer too. 

5. Influencer Marketing

Using Influencers for marketing purposes has become really popular recently and it is something that gives you great results.

In this marketing type, instead of paying the social media platforms to give you or your brand exposure, you pay a person who has a great following in your niche to mention your brand.

The cost for this will most likely depend on your niche and the influencer that you are choosing. This can also go downhill and not give you any results. So making mistakes can be highly expensive when it comes to influencer marketing.

Some useful tips:

  • Choose influencers who are within your niche and are popular in your niche.
  • These influencers need to be people who your target audience is following.
  • Are these followers a highly engaged group?
  • Prices are within your budget.
  • Reach out to influencers who already like your content and see if they are able to work something out.

Now that we have looked at the types of social media ads, let’s take a look at how you should plan out things in order to gain success.

In order for paid social ads to work out well for you, you need to know why you are using it in the first place which requires goal setting from your end.

So what works? Set realistic and achievable goals, to begin with. These are the things that are needed in your goal.

  • They need to be specific and not vague.
  • Goals need to be measurable where you can keep track of your campaigns.
  • Your goals also should be achievable and realistic.
  • The goals that you are setting should help you reach your end goal which is increasing your revenues.
  • Setting deadlines and following them is another way that will help you out.

4 Common Social Media Goals To Have

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common social media goals that you can achieve with the help of social media advertising.

1. Subscribers List

Email is hands down the best way to get your leads to keep on coming back for more and to also turn them into paying customers. Social media advertising is a great way to build out this list with quality leads.

You can do this by adding a sign-up page or offering something valuable for free (ebook, webinar, video training) to your visitors in exchange for their email ID.

Once they have subscribed to your email list, send them relevant content atleast twice a week. This will also help in building trust and helping them buy from you.

2. More Followers

An amplification in your followers indicates that your paid social advertising efforts are working. The followers will click, engage and share, all this without you having to pay for that click.

To build a larger audience, your social ads need to focus more on delivering amazing content that will benefit your audience. Your audience might also follow and check out your website.

3. More Website Traffic

Getting more website traffic helps you in a number of ways. It helps you improve your visibility on search engines and gives you an environment where you can make a lead or a sale.

To get more traffic through ads, you can boost your website by posts or videos to drive more people to your website. You can also offer free gifts or discounts that are hard to miss. Remarketing is also another great way to get more website traffic.

Also, make sure that your website looks the best and it is not a poor website that will give your visitors bad user experience. This also plays a role in your online success.

4. Increase Customer Value (CLV)

In reality, it costs alot more to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. To get your existing customers to come back for more, you need to have systems in place that will help in getting the interest of your existing customers again.

Customers prefer to buy from the people they trust. So if you continue to engage and target these customers, it will greatly help you gain success.

You can also track your audience through the social media analytics tools and track the time between purchases, preferences, likes and dislike and what type of post works best.


As you have read, paid social Ads do work easily! Getting the most out of your budget requires planning and understanding. Planning includes placement of Ads, choosing the types of ads that work best for your audience, why are you running these advertisement campaigns. You can utilize and select which type of advertisement works best for you and set goals according to it. It is completely OK to get lost and make mistakes and then learn the correct way.

I hope this post has helped you understand the different types of social media advertisings. If you have any questions, suggestions or if I have missed out something. Please do leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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