6 Proven Ways To Make Money With Amazon That Really Work!!!

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By now, you will know that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce store out there which makes them the world’s largest retailers. With it being the largest retailer, Amazon provides tons of opportunities for people to make money. 

The common way to do so is by listing your own products for sale on Amazon, if you are an author or an artist, you can sell your work here.

You might have also come across a few websites that have amazon products added to their pages. These websites earn commissions by way of affiliate marketing when you click on these product links and purchase from them.

Besides this, there are other ways of earning with Amazon too. In this post, I’ll share a breakdown of the best opportunities that you can use to earn money with amazon. 

Why Choose Amazon?

Amazon is the largest retail stores and is heading towards becoming the future of retail. Online shopping is increasing heading towards becoming a huge trend which has affected the traditional stores too. The reason for the shift is mostly because more power is given to the consumers and it offers a more convenient way for them to purchase almost anything easily online.

Due to the continuous trend of online shopping, you need to get along with Amazon now before it’s late.

6 Ways To Make Money With Amazon

There are a number of ways to make money with Amazon but these 6 ways are hands down the best and the most useful and profitable ones. So, let’s take a look at them.

1. Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associates is the certified affiliate program of Amazon where you can earn up to 10% commission on every product you sell.

To begin selling as an affiliate, you need to sign up to the Amazon Associates program, you can begin by choosing the products that you would like to sell but keep in mind to choose the ones that are related to your niche website or blog and target keywords that don’t have large competition.

Another thing to remember, becoming an earning member of the Amazon affiliate program will take time and a ton of efforts too.

2. Sell E-books on Amazon

A ton of freelance writers write books and sell them via Amazon Kindle. If you are not a writer don’t worry, you can still earn by writing an e-book on a topic that you are an expert of and you can sell it on your website and Amazon too.

For instance, If you are a video gamer, you can write a guide on how to play a particular game of about 10 pages and sell it on Amazon.

In addition, Kindle also allows it’s writers to gain profit from their self written and published work but you need to market them which is much easier and better than relying on clients to buy your books and then gain an income. You can sell physical books too as well as e-books on Amazon.

3. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program where you can do the deliveries for Amazon. You can earn upto $25/hour which is great! You also have the option of choosing your own working schedules.

The process to get started is simple too, you sign up for Amazon Flex and you will use an app that will help you set up your shifts. You are then required to scan your packs, pick them up, reach your destination and check your earnings. It is also required for you to have a four-wheeler vehicle.

4. Sell Private Label Products Through Amazon FBA

The potential to make money with Amazon FBA is large. With FBA, you need to create a product, look for a manufacturer and then start selling the product through Amazon.

This is a simple process too where you have much more control over how your products are being sold and in the long run, you are likely to gain huge profits but you need to have patience and keep working towards your goal.

5. Work From Home With Amazon

Amazon offers a number of ‘work from home’ jobs. These include web designing, offering customer support, blog writer and more. This is a great option if you have a laptop, an internet connection and don’t love going to the office (which everyone does).

There are also opportunities for internships, part-time jobs with limited full-time jobs being offered. If you are interested in doing any of these jobs, you can look at Amazon’s available list of virtual jobs.

6. Sell Merch By Amazon

If you are someone who loves designing clothes and customizing products. With Amazon’s merch service, you can build your art, select the type of product it is and post it on Amazon for sale. Amazon is responsible for handling the rest. Joining the merch program is absolutely free but Amazon does take a percent of the profit that you make with each sale.

Amazon takes care of shipping your item once a purchase is made. This is a good way to earn passive income with graphic tees, phone cases and more. Amazon usually takes 25-30% of the profit made and it also includes the cost of making the merchandise. Additionally, you can also post your designs on your own website too and other websites, if you wish too. 


With a number of ways being available for people to make money online, it isn’t surprising that Amazon is at the center of it all and is the main option for a number of side hustlers like myself too! It has also increasingly changed the way retail works and has offered a place for people to show their creativity.
Amazon is the best option for entrepreneurs, online marketers, bloggers, side hustlers and more to earn some extra income. There are tons of ways for that and you can put these ways into actions and see the results flow in!

Have you tried any one of these ways to make money with Amazon? If you have, you can share your experience and results in the comments section below. We all would love to know them.


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