9 Must Use Steps For Writing A Good Product Review

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One of the easiest and effective ways to make money with your website
or blog is by writing great and quality product reviews. 

It has increasingly become a must now for the customer to read reviews from
people who have already purchased the product before making any
purchases. Reviews are a boon as they help you determine the
authenticity of the product before you spend big bucks on any product

Additionally writing product reviews is a noble thing you are doing since you are helping the person reading the review. 

A good product review is the one that stands firm and is honest about the
product. Product reviews are also all about personal experiences
without being bias. While writing a review you should be totally honest
about the product, this in-turn help you build the trust of your website

 In the meantime, affiliate marketing is still the best available means to earn a full time income. Affiliates earn their a majority of their revenue from product reviews. But short and brief reviews do not work well. You need to have in-depth and authentic reviews.

Many website owners and bloggers do a few things wrong when it comes to writing reviews like adding multiple banners and pop-up ads that are not relevant to your website. Adding multiple affiliate links all over your website. This is the wrong way to write product reviews.

In this post, you will learn how to write product reviews for your website or blog. But first things first, there are a number of online review types that you can create:

  • In-depth reviews of single products or services.
  • Reviews on multiple products in a comparison post or Best of lists post.
  • Comparison reviews are the best ones and are the most powerful and profitable ones. This is because it gives your website visitors the opportunity of comparing products or services and decide which one works best for their needs before buying it.

 9 Tips For Writing Selling Reviews

Whilst writing a review, it is important that it should be persuasive and balanced. Here is a short guide that will help you with writing a unique and great review that the website visitors can relate too.

1. Find Products Or Services To Review

The very first thing you need to do is find products or services to review. While reviewing, I usually look for products or services that I have come across at some point of time. You could write reviews on a number of things that you are using at the moment.

In my case, since my website is of the Make Money Online Niche, I usually review affiliate training programs, web host providers, plugins, tools or services that help boost the productivity of my website, make money online scams, courses that have helped me with building my website.

As you can see, there are already a bunch of products that you can review without even searching for specific products to review.

Also, you do not necessarily need to be using a product or service to write a review on the same. You can also review products that you haven’t used previously. When you do this, you need to do thorough research on the product, read what other people have to say about the said product and then write a review on the same.

While reviewing any product or service, you need to keep in the mind the following important things, Always review products and services that are relevant to your niche. For instance, if you are in the make money online niche, you must review MMO stuff only.

Review products or services that aim to ‘provide a solution to a problem. This is the selling point of any review.

Make sure your review is on-point and doesn’t sidetrack.

2. Research Or Use Products You Wish To Review.

Once you list out the products that you want to review, you need to start off by researching and testing the products one by one. This is highly recommended that you do before writing anything about the product. You can also try and test out the product if it has a free trial or if you can spend the money to purchase the product.

You can also make notes while trying the product that will help you build out a strong review. Most of the people write biased and untruth reviews that are not true, this will automatically label you are an untrustworthy person within your niche.

Also, you should keep doing something different with every review you write. It can be the format or layout of your review. You can also add in relevant videos to the reviews.

Most of all, make sure to fact check things, especially if you are reviewing a product you haven’t used before. The goal here is to build trust with your visitors.

3.  Write your review

Now while writing our review focus completely on writing only. Also, you can divide your review into the following
sub-heads –

  • Main Headline Title
  • Introduction to the Product
  • Overview
  • Who is the product best for?
  • How does the product work?
  • Features of the product
  • Pricing
  • Support Offered
  • Atleast 5 Pros and 5 Cons
  • Final Verdict
  • Conclusion
  • Call to action

You can also add in relevant screenshots from the product’s website to the post. For instance, you can add in images of the pricing, support system and more.

4. Write In A Conversational Tone

You must have come across reviews that are very sales-y and this turns off
people. There is a difference between a sales pitch and a review.  It is
not wrong to make your review persuasive but be honest within your
review. Do not try to sugarcoat things in order to get commissions.

Every product has some or the other drawback which is ok to point out. Apart
from this, do not get side railed while writing your review, be one
point and detailed.

Let the words flow normally as if you are talking to a friend personally who is asking for your advice.

5. Use Video Content For Your Review

It is recommended that you add video content to some of your reviews. Videos are time-consuming but it is the best way to boost your sale conversions.

If you are unable to create, edit and add in videos to your review posts due to time constraints. You can also add in training videos that have helped you the most from YouTube.

6. Edit and Proofread your review

After you have completed writing your review. Please make sure your review is at least a 1000 words. Also pay attention to making the necessary words and headlines, bold, and adding in the ‘heading 2’ or ‘heading 3’ from WordPress.

You must also read through the whole review and edit the mistakes that you find. You can use the tool Grammarly to make sure that your review is grammatically correct.
Once you are happy with the final draft of your review.

7. Optimize Your Review For Search Engines

Usually, I do not pay a lot of attention to optimizing my content for SEO. But I do make sure that the reviews are optimized. You can install either of the two recommended plugins; All in One SEO Pack or the Yoast SEO plugins.
The important thing to do here is write an attractive headline that grabs the attention of your potential visitor at first glance.
You can also use the Thrive Themes plugin called ‘Thrive Headline Optimizer’ this plugin helps you write really converting headlines for your posts and reviews.

8. Publish Your Review

Once you are happy and you have completed all the required steps to make your content optimized and attractive. You can hit the ‘publish’ button.

But do not over think about your review and spend ages trying to perfect it. You will learn and better yourself and your writing skills with time while you are building your website. Be happy that your review has

helped someone make a decision on buying the product.

9. Promote Your Review

As I said, trust is hard to come by in the online world. So, you need to first create that connection with your readers before you can promote your products to them. The only ways by which you can do it is by showing them the real you and helping them genuinely.


In short, writing a product review is easy once you know what you have to do and write about. Just be careful that your facts are correct and invest time in doing research on the product. Also, read reviews written by the other people who have already used the product or service.

Also, you can follow the steps mentioned in the post above, they will help you get ranked with Google and get more visitors to your website.

Also lastly, be patient and just keep working consistently and hard. The results will come.


If I have missed any important step, would love to hear about them. Also
what are the techniques that you have been following to write reviews?
Do leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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