Can You Make Money With Facebook? 9 Ways To Help You Make Money With Facebook!

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Can You Make Money With Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world that has over 2.2 billion active users per month. It also ranks third in the list of popular websites worldwide.

It offers a number of opportunities for people to make money through direct and indirect ways of doing so and you don’t need to spend money on Facebook advertising. Facebook also provides tools that allow people to earn money from these tools. All you really need is a Facebook account and use your intelligence to make your Facebook account work for you. 

Who Can Earn With Facebook?

Anyone and everyone can make money with Facebook! The quality of your facebook profile always plays a major role in building a good first impression. But don’t worry if it doesn’t work out during the first time, you need to keep trying.

There are a lot of scammers on Facebook who promise that you will start making money once you sign up. To avoid being labeled as one of them, make sure that you add your own picture to your business page or profile so that others know that it’s a real person and not another scammer. Also, keep posting personal images of yourself to add a personal touch! 🙂

Can You Make Money With Facebook?

Taking the above factors into account, here are 9 best ways that can help you to make money with Facebook. You can try them out and see what works and suits your needs the best and apply that to your business.

1. Advertise Your Business

Facebook is the largest platform where each and every business, from consumer goods companies to electronic items firms to e-commerce goods companies have a presence.

You might have come across a number of advertisements where people promote their consultancy, books, jewelry, books and more. You can also interact with your customers through the messenger application available on Facebook.

2. Facebook Marketplace

This Marketplace is free for everyone where Facebook allows you to promote various goods, services, and deals that you would like to sell directly within the Facebook community.

With this marketplace, you can reach thousands of people and can sell any product or service that fall under the Facebook Community Guidelines.

3. Affiliate Marketing

When you promote someone else’s product or service through your own Facebook page or website, you can earn money in the form of commissions which is famously known as affiliate marketing.

A number of well-known businesses like Amazon, AliExpress, ClickBank and more pay you to promote their products which you can do so with the help of affiliate marketing programs that are offered by these companies.

And every time someone clicks on the content or advertisement that you have posted and becomes a customer earns you money.

4. Influencer Marketing

In this marketing, instead of using social media platforms and search engines and paying them to advertise your content, you pay influencers on social media to advertise your content by means of reviewing or posting a picture with your product.

These influencers are people who have a large and engaged audience or following which will help you increase your audience and gets your website more visitors. One important thing to remember while doing so is to choose an influencer who is within your niche.

Overall, this is an interesting tactic that is used to promote products and services but please do keep in mind to stay within the strict guidelines of Facebook.

5. Direct Advertising

Alot of small businesses and large ones too post advertisements directly on their Facebook page to attract customers. These advertisements can be about products, services, offers, discounts and more.

A number of businesses purely use Facebook as a means to post their advertisements and attract new and existing customers since this type of advertising is free.

6. Facebook Ads

This is a facility provided by Facebook to individuals and companies too. Facebook Ads allow you to create and post advertisements of different types that target a certain interested group of people based on age, geographic parameters, interests and more.

People who have work-from-home based businesses post their advertisements through Facebook ads who offer free and paid packages for ads that depend on your target audience and usage.

7. Contests

Bloggers and a number of companies run contests and giveaways which are free to join, you just have to post a picture or share a link on Facebook.

Every gift or giveaway is different but here, you can win cash, electronic gadgets, gift cards and alot more.

You can also host a contest and free giveaways like these where audiences have to share your link on Facebook to their following in order to participate in the contest. There are tons of groups that organize giveaways, you can join them for new opportunities.

8. Join Local Buying And Selling Groups

If you are selling your product or service locally, there are local buy and sell groups where you can easily create a post and share the same on different groups.

Every group sells different products and have different selling policies so make sure that you are reading these guidelines before signing up.

Another option is to create your own group, in case there are no local groups for the products that you wish to sell.

9. Joining Facebook Groups Within Your Niche

Another interesting way to make money is to join groups within your niche and help the people out by solving their queries. You can use such groups as substitutes for forums.

A lot of businesses and bloggers use this type of marketing whereas you start growing your business and build a reputation for yourself.

Here too you need to pay attention to the group’s and facebook guidelines. Personally, a number of times the posts that I have shared from my website are considered as duplication and scam, hence they get deleted. So you would want to be careful with these guidelines.


Anyone and everyone can make money with Facebook since it is the largest social media network in the world.

You can use facebook for something that you wish to sell locally or to promote your website. By joining groups within your niche and running a few paid ads, you can make a recurring income on Facebook and get more website visitors too!

If currently, you are only using Facebook to share posts and to stay in touch with friends, you might want to consider these suggestions to boost your income or add a side hustle.

Have you ever used Facebook to make money before? If yes, please share your experiences and thoughts below. Also, if you can think of any other modes of earning with facebook, please do mention them.

Thank you!

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