Crowdbridge Global MLM Review 2019| A CBG Coin Cryptocurrency Scam?

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Crowdbridge Global has been receiving tons of hype on the internet lately. 

Crowdbridge Global MLM seems to be based in Europe and the owners of this business are Hans Pasveer and Harald Ekker. 

Crowdbridge doesn’t have any actual services or products that it sells as a business. Instead, it mainly works with affiliate marketing only. The membership to their affiliate program also provides access to the CBG coin cryptocurrency.

They have made claims that this currency is going to be available globally in the future but as of now, it’s available only on this platform which actually doesn’t help or benefit anyone. 

So now let’s take a closer and deeper look into Crowdbridge in this review.


Name: Crowdbridge Global

Website: (this link is inactive as on now)

Owners: Hans Pasveer and Harald Ekker

Overall Ratings: 1/5

What is Crowdbridge Global?

There is actually no concrete proof on the Crowdbridge website or the business all together. The only message shown on their website is –

“Now, you too can enjoy a career that’s built around your life and comfort. Our system gives you the ability to earn a part-time income by sharing your personal story. Best of all, you’ll earn money while improving the lives of others.”

After taking a look at the domain registration and doing a research about it. I have found that the company was registered on 21st June 2017 and is run by the two co-founders mentioned above.

Hans Pasveer, who is the top affiliate member of SiteTalk and LEO pyramid schemes. 

Harald Ekker who previously was the owner of Towah, a European payment processing company. 

It is actually proven that Harald has scammed millions of dollars from people before the launch of Towah. This makes me skeptic and doubtful that he is any different with the Crowdbrige Global program.  

They additionally have a registered office at Magnesiumweg 14, 8471 XM, WOLVEGA, Netherlands.
So far, Norway and Thailand are the largest source of traffic for Crowdbridge Global’s website and they are also the major resources of the investment revenue for the company. 

Products offered by Crowdbridge Global

With Crowdbridge, affiliates need to invest in the CBG Coin to gain a return on your investment. The CBG coin is actually quite useless outside the CBG platform. 

Additionally CBG coin is the only product sold at Crowdbridge and is the only mode of payment. 

Crowdbridge Price

There is no clear information about how much you need to pay in order to join Crowdbridge but their affiliate membership is tied to the investment plans mentioned below:

  • Startup Package – €250 EUR
  • Advanced – €500 EUR
  • Enterprise – €750 EUR
  • Prestige – €2500 EUR
  • Platinum – €5000 EUR
  • Premium – €7500 EUR

Crowdbridge Global Compensation Plan

Crowdbridge fails to mention how much do it’s affiliate members earn. They only have a statement which says that the affiliates earn a ‘monthly dividend’. 

In addition to this, affiliates also earn 15% commissions on the invested funds.

Since Crowdbridge invests in CBG Coin, they determine the weekly ROI and recruitment commission payouts based on the amount invested. 

They also have a clause which states that 40% of the amount earned through commissions and through bonuses have to be reinvested into buying new CBG Coins only. This in reality takes away the user’s right to use their earned money.
Crowdbridge additionally offers it’s affiliates a free membership option with no MLM commissions in the below 6 plans:

  • Pre-School Package -Free – Upto 25% CBG Coin bonus on coin purchase through Crowdbridge 
  • Startup Package – invest €250 EUR and receive €200 EUR worth of CBG Coin
  • Advanced – invest €500 EUR and receive €450 EUR worth of CBG Coin
  • Enterprise – invest €750 EUR and receive €700 EUR worth of CBG Coin
  • Prestige – invest €2500 EUR and receive €1500 EUR) worth of CBG Coin
  • Platinum – invest €5000 EUR and receive €3000 EUR worth of CBG Coin
  • Premium – invest €7500 EUR and receive €4500 EUR worth of CBG Coin

Residual Commissions

Crowdbridge pays residual commissions through binary compensation structure. This binary structure puts the affiliate members at the top of the team where they are split into two and both these sides (right and left) have two positions. 

These positions are filled through the direct and indirect recruitment system of affiliates. 

The packages that new affiliates invest in, generate points on either sides of the binary team as follows:

  • Startup Package – 75 points
  • Advanced – 150 points
  • Enterprise – 225 points
  • Prestige – 750 points
  • Platinum – 1500 points
  • Premium – 2250 points

The amount of returns the affiliates receive when they recruit someone new with each cycle is determined by the amount invested by them. 

Fast Track Bonus

The new affiliates of Crowdbridge are eligible to receive the Fast Track Bonus for 48 hours. 
If you are able to get a match of 150 points on both the sides of the binary system within 48 hours, you will generate a €250 EUR voucher. 

When an affiliate collects 3 vouchers like this within the 48 hours window will be able to recieve an equal value of CBG coins through Crowdbridge.

Founders Shares Pool

The Founders Share Pool is a revenue pool made up of funds that are invested in the different packages of the company.
The affiliate members of Crowdbridge can purchase Founders Shares for  €1000 EUR each. A 15% referral is paid when these shares are purchased by recruited affiliates.



Crowdbridge Global is another typical MLM or Pyramid scheme. They use CBG Coin as their currency to pay and receive. This in reality, is worthless in the real world and has no actual value, which doesn’t matter with Crowdbridge, who make money when affiliates purchase and sign up to their MLM opportunity. 

This makes this website a pyramid scheme and gives nothing in return like the other scam MLM programs. 

Also the so called founders of this program were also involved in scams in the past and I’m sure this is no different than the others. 

I would strongly suggest you to take precautions and not sign–up with this MLM company.

I hope this review has helped you in whatever way possible. If I have missed anything regarding this program, please leave them in the comments below. 

Also if you have any experiences to share with Crowdbridge, I would love to hear them!
Thank you!


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