Do Social Media Ads Work?? 7 Best Paid Social Ads Hacks!

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Social Media Ads

The current scenario is that it has become really difficult to get your content noticed organically or through social platforms. In addition to this, continuous changes to the Google search results have made it difficult to get decent traffic organically. This happens mostly in the case of highly competitive searches. This not only happens in the case of search engines but also in the case of social media platforms where organic marketing is practically dead.

This is one of the main reasons that paid search are having good growth and hype right now.

In today’s world,  content marketing usually doesn’t work well and without the help of social media ads, which is why they come to the rescue. 


Social Media Ads help with the best and most scalable content promotion which has also proven to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Another plus point is that you don’t even need to have a huge budget for this.

How Paid Social Ads Work?

In order to get the best out of social media advertising, you need to understand why people are using social media and you can then build strategies around that. To name a few of these reasons:

  • To keep up with friends.
  • Know what’s happening in the outside world.
  • Boredom or to entertain themselves

You can build your social advertising goals around these reasons to get the best out of advertising.

Where Can Paid Social Advertising be Used?

Most of the people think about Facebook when we say ‘Paid Social Ads’ since it is actually the main choice for a number of businesses. But this might not be the best choice to put in your money. You need to make sure that the platform you choose for advertising is for the below reasons:

  • Used by your niche/targeted audience.
  • You understand best how the platform works.
  • You can be consistent with it.
  • Comfortable with building strategies around it.

At present, Instagram is gaining a lot of hype and users at a remarkable speed. Also, Youtube is becoming a great ad platform since a number of people watch YouTube videos daily.

Here is a list of the top used social media advertising platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Yelp

Also, keep in mind to not get stuck in advertising on a platform that does not work for your business. You can try and learn if a platform doesn’t work out for you. There are tons of options available in today’s world.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create: Produce quality content and share it on all the social media channels.
  2. Amplify: Select your top content and promote it on social media.
  3. Tag: Build your remarketing audience by tagging your site visitors with a cookie.
  4. Filter: Apply behavioral and demographic filters on your audience.
  5. Re-market: Re-market your content to your audience with display ads, social ads, and  RLSA to promote offers.
  6. Convert: Capture qualified leads or sales.
  7. Repeat this process.


    7 Best Social Media Advertising Hacks

    These are a few hacks mentioned below that will surely show you great results.

    1. Use Audience Targeting to Increase Engagement

    Target a particular group of your audience and not everyone because not everyone has the same interests or income. Keyword and audience targeting helps alot in turning average ads into money-making machines 😉

    2. Paid Ads Generate Free Clicks

    If you are paying for every user engagement, it can be someone who views your profile or your image. You need to stop doing this, it is nothing but a big waste of money and it also gives the worst results. I have experienced it and I lost alot of money.

    You should instead opt to pay only for the things that matter to your business. These things can be clicks to your website, leads, followers and actual video views.

    This type of engagement actually helps you greatly and you don’t even end up spending big bucks.

    3. Improving Your Quality Score

    A good quality score metric is what Google uses in order to rate the quality of your keywords and how relevant they are. This is also used to calculate the influences of your PPC ads and of your cost-per-click.

    These factors make Quality Score a crucial metric. A higher-quality score is great since you will receive a higher ad impression share at a lower cost. Meanwhile, the scenario is the opposite in the case of a low-quality score.

    The main key to getting a good response with paid social media ads is to be picky and narrow down your niche and maximize those engagement rates.

    4. Promote Video Ads

    You can get upto thousands of video views for which you only have to pay about a fraction of cents per view. It is a fact that people who view your videos are the most likely to purchase from you.

    You can promote videos that have performed really well (engagement wise) but keep in mind to keep them short and up to the point.

    5. Promote Your Content On A Variety Of Social Platforms

    You should post your content on a variety of social media platforms. Reddit, LinkedIn plus, Hacker News are a few of the platforms that will send you massive amounts of traffic but you should post content that is relevant to the audience.

    Re-posting your content is also a great strategy. This gives a chance to the newer audience to discover the content which is already there on your website.

    Make use of social media ads to get accelerated views or traffic which will help you greatly.

    6. Social Media Re-marketing

    You can use re-marketing to push your offers like sign-ups, downloads, and consultations.

    Re-marketing your content on social media will also help you out by boosting engagements and conversion rates. You also won’t be spending big bucks to do this.

    You should also combine your re-marketing with demographics, behaviors and highly engaging content. This means combining interest and behavior marketing, re-marketing and demographics. By this, you will attract a narrow audience which is highly interested in your content.

    7. Combine Paid Search and Social Media Ads

    This being the final tip, it is the most badass of them all. In this tip, you are required to combine social ads with PPC search engine ads using RLSA which is a powerful tool used to target customized search engine ads. Here, you target people who have recently viewed your site, this increases the click-through and conversion rates hugely.

    A downfall of RLSA is that it doesn’t target people who are not familiar with your business which is when social media ads step in.

    Social media ads are cheap, to begin with, where you can attract biased people to your business.


    If you are struggling with content marketing, these social media advertising hacks will help you greatly. Paid social media ads do work because let’s face it there are atleast 3 billion active social media users. The thing you need to do is increase revenues and keep those loyal customers coming back for more.

    I hope this post has helped you understand paid social media advertisement better. If you have any experiences or any tip to sure, please do so by leaving them in the comments section below. 

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