Duplichecker Review 2019! Best Or The Worst Plagiarism Checker ever??

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In honesty, there are tons of web softwares that will help you check if your content is plagiarism free or not.

Nowadays a lot of bloggers and website owners get their content outsourced, which most of the time creates duplicate content. Duplication of content is something that you should definitely avoid at all costs. Search engines prefer original content and while doing so they also try to prevent plagiarism.

If you want to check the plagiarism of your pages, Duplichecker is one of the best free software out there that you can use.
It is an online content plagiarism detector.  It offers the ability to
check content for plagiarism by copy-pasting or by uploading a doc file.

But you have a limit of 1500 words only to upload per search and you can only scan up to 50 documents only in 24 hours. This makes it ideal for checking any posts that you have written for your website.


Name: Duplichecker

Website: www.duplichecker.com

Owners: Not given or mentioned

Price: Free of Cost

Ratings: 4/5

What is Duplichecker?

Duplichecker is an online free plagiarism checker that is used to find out the
originality of a written document. It was started in 2006 with a number
of selected services. Services like Web content provision, Proofreading,
editing content online, plagiarism checking and SEO services.

Since the beginning, Duplichecker has over a million pages of web content for their clients.

Duplichecker has maintained the credibility of the program by checking the content of the report against the existing content. Additionally, it helps pick
up references that are given in the particular text document, it can be
citations and references that can help you in avoiding the consequences
of plagiarism.

The best part of this tool is that it highlights the areas in a text file that show signs of plagiarism and by this, it will also help you remove the traces of
plagiarism completely.

What Makes Duplichecker Different?

Duplichecker is 100% free to use. The thing that makes Duplichecker so different from others is that it offers the ability to upload text in two
different formats.

Duplichecker is quite easy to use too. Content marketers, agencies, students, businesses and others can use Duplichecker since it is accessible to everyone. It also gives a good rate of plagiarism detection too.

The best part of using Duplichecker is that you can sign up for free, you do not need to pay anything to the company.

Duplichecker Plagiarism Software

One of the best thing’s of using Duplichecker is their approach. Firstly, the top tools of these kinds usually work really well. Duplichecker has a little difference in their processes which come down to site design and page speed.

The main thing that differentiates Duplichecker from others is the way they promote their product. According to Duplichecker, it’s the main purpose is to help out students. You can use the tool mainly, to check an essay or an academic report or paper.

Given that plagiarism is slowly diminishing in the blogging world now. It is easier to use and check the content. To sum it up, this tool, regardless of your needs, is free to use and you can also quickly check your articles and compare them with similar content that is found online.

It is easy to use and solves your plagiarism problem too. The one downside is that Duplichecker heavily promotes Grammarly which makes the website look weird.

Also, Duplichecker is not limited to plagiarism checking only, you also get keyword research, SEO Backlinks, grammar check tool, IP tool, Image tool and more.

How To Use Duplichecker?

Log into the web page, you can click on this link too – www.duplichecker.com

On the home page itself, you can paste the text that you would like to check for plagiarism and then you can click on ‘Check Plagiarism’.

An alternate way of doing this is by login into the website and clicking on the below text box, click ‘Choose File’ to upload the report that you want to check from your device. This also gives you a faster and quick result.

Duplichecker Plagiarism Check Findings.

1. Time Of Checking

For its poor quality of checking plagiarism, Duplichecker needs to spend a great amount of time in scanning. It is better to have a delay in the checking rather than give a service which is lagging behind.

There are other checkers too out that that takes more time to check the content by the results that provide are really satisfactory.

2. Report Convenience

The main idea behind providing a plagiarism checker is to help the users figure out the amount of work that has been recognized as plagiarism and in which text parts.

The Duplichecker reports do not highlight the plagiarized fragments and they also do not show the overall percentage of content that is plagiarism.

3. Comparison Base

Sadly, there was no information available on what the search engine does Duplichecker use. The support system/team and the website only state that the scans are performed throughout the Internet. This is just the basic scanning option.

4. Text Input Methods

There are actually not many ways that you can use to input your text for scanning on Duplichecker. Only two methods are available, one is uploading a doc file and the other being copy-pasting your text onto the website.
It is recommended to use the second option.

5. Report Downloading

With Duplichecker, you will not be able to share your report after the program has finished scanning your text document for plagiarism. The report is meant for viewing purposes only. Once you read it, it gets burned.

This actually is a plus point and it assures privacy and safety of your content, on the other hand, it is also a downside since you cannot later on go and compare your current records with your past records.

Duplichecker Prices

This program is absolutely free to use. Hence, it also seems that the ads
and banners displayed here are what helps, Duplichecker make their money.

Duplichecker Support

If you need any help with anything, it can be a technical issue or something else with Duplichecker. You can get in touch with them by filling in the ‘contact us’ form on their website.

Pros of Duplichecker

  • Easy To Use – Duplichecker has a very simple and basic layout that is really easy to use and navigate.
  • Free To Use – All you need is the content and an internet connection to work with this program.
  • Two Methods of Putting in the Text – By copy pasting it or by uploading a text document.
  • Highlights the areas of plagiarized text in the list of sources.
  • Duplichecker is very sensitive and accurate even with the tiniest detail.
  • You can conduct up to 50 checks only in a day.

Cons of Duplichecker

  • No way to download generated reports for future references.
  • Unregistered users can conduct only one check in a day.
  • A higher number of competitors.
  • No indication of overall plagiarism percentage.
  • The website freezes a number of times.



With an incredible increase in the scams and frauds out there. Having a program like Duplichecker that checks all your content to ensure it’s authenticity and to avoid plagiarism is a bonus.

Duplichecker has made it easier for basically everyone to solve the issue of plagiarism and this check makes it easier to verify your articles and documents in a short period of time without spending any money.

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