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Financial Freedom Forever

​Financial Freedom Forever is an affiliate marketing program that claims that you can earn money easily. You might have also been approached by people associated with Financial Freedom forever to join this program.

​​Financial Freedom Forever claims that you can make $2,575+ per week by joining their ‘private group’. Also, there are claims that you will be making big money in no time! The chances of that happening are slim and you should be careful because nothing comes so easily when it comes to making money online. 

So before you sign up for this program, ask these questions to yourself – Is Financial Freedom Forever a legit business? Is it safe to join this program? Will you actually earn $2,500+ per week with this program?

Let’s get started by reading my review that helps in answering the above questions.



Name: Financial Freedom Forever

Owners: Sam Ovens

Price: $47 + upsells

Ratings: 1/5


What Is Financial Freedom Forever?

Financial Freedom Forever is an affiliate marketing program that makes claims that it will help you make tons of money online by simply pushing a few buttons.

Here’s what the website tells you –
You are hit straightaway with promises of making money online but no information on how you’ll be making money online is given.

The website states that they will “change your life!”.

Additionally, in order to join this program, you have to pay $47. They have also used the same tactics as the other scams have with their sales video and they try and prove that the system works by posting screenshots and fake testimonials.
Financial Freedom Forever makes the people behind the program rich. They don’t explain anything about the system in the sales video, all they talk about is the amount of money you’ll make after you pay $47!

The sales video largely focuses on making the possibility of making quick cash by just pushing some buttons and downloading some plugins but let me tell you this is far from how the online business really works.

So in short, Financial Freedom Forever is about making the owners rich.

How does Financial Freedom Forever work?

One of the main ways that this program works is by promoting it to others and earning affiliate commissions.
Since this system is promoted through a popular affiliate program directory online, it makes it easier for anyone to grab the affiliate link and earn commissions from it.

A major of the promotion of these programs is usually done through emails and it’s probably how you heard about this program in the first place.

Are People Really Making Money With This System?

There is one common thing between the scam websites which is that, they use fake testimonials.
The people shown in the video testimonials are actors that are hired from the Fiverr platform, who pretend to be making tons of money with Financial Freedom Forever.

The testimonials within the Financial Freedom Forever sales video are the same people who are selling their acting services on Fiverr. This is something that I see alot in scam programs and this itself screams SCAM!

Financial Freedom Forever Product Line

Sam Ovens doesn’t really sell any product in his business instead he offers to help you train and build your online business. I’m not really sure about the extend of the training provided here.

If you wish to sign up to this program you can do so but instead of signing up as an affiliate and recruiting more people to buy the program, you can join this program with the intention of learning and becoming a better digital marketer.

You might not find any products that are being sold here, this is the one thing that isn’t a deal-breaker for most people.

Cost of Joining Financial Freedom Forever

The cost of joining and gaining access to this program is $47.
After which you will be hit with upsell after upsell or better known as OTOs.

Pros of Financial Freedom Forever

  • Might Be Able To Make SOME Money (mostly this is unlikely to happen)
  • Possibility of getting a refund.

Cons of Financial Freedom Forever

1. Unrealistic Income Claims

After falling prey to a few programs like this, it get’s easier to tell if the product is just creating a hype. This is something that Financial Freedom Forever is doing. They have the idea that you can start making $2,500+ from the first week itself is not realistic and it’s going to happen.
The hard truth is that, if you actually want to make money online, it’s going to take time and efforts.

2. Up-sells and Refund

After you purchase the membership, you will be slammed with ‘upgrades’ or ‘up-sells’ that might even cost you $4k that claim to help you make money money.
I truly doubt that you will actually make any money in reality.
It’s a good thing that this is a produt of ClickBetter so you can get a refund from their website, if you don’t like the product.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

The sole purpose of the sales video is to get you all excited and hyped up about making tons of money online without actually taking a step back and thinking about it.
When it comes to making money online, there is no push button where you only have to push buttons to make money. You need to actually work and put in efforts to make good money online.
If it were really that easy as shown in the video then everyone would be rich and making money online.

4. Just Like Other Scams

I’ve seen tons of programs applying this exact same technique. It is basically all the same with just some font, colors and text changes/differences. The concept and background remain the same. A few programs like that are Desktop Commissions, Super Affiliate Success System and 1K Daily Life.



I leave it up to you to decide if this scheme is a scam or not but no one can simply get rich by joining a ‘Done for you’ system. This is not the way how you make money online.

Even if you do end up signing up to this program, you might only find some basic training content that is easily available on the internet for free.

Financial Freedom Forever uses a“get rich quick” hype that gets you all excited about that ‘high life’ and instead of showing you ways to generate real money, they just take money from you for their personal gain.

This type of program is basically a money making scheme that usually doesnt last too long.

Hope you’ve liked this article. If you would like to share something about this program, please do so in the comments section below. 

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