Fiverr Pro Review 2019 The Best Freelance Platform!

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Fiverr Pro Review 2019 The Best Freelance Platform!

One of the things that alot of businesses use is outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers. This helps them free up some time from the 24 hours that we all have in a day. 

The available freelancing services can be used by businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and others too so that this can make their life somewhat easier. 

For instance, you want to build a graphic logo for your website, but you are not very good at it, you can get a freelancer who is an expert in designing to do it for you for a fee. 

There are tons of websites that offer freelance services but how do you know if the freelancer that you are hiring is good? Sometimes you can check reviews and then decide. Now there is one such website that aims to offer you the best of the best services. 

This platform is Fiverr Pro. 


Name: Fiverr Pro


Owners: Micha Kaufman, CEO.

Price: $100 – minimum freelancer fee

Ratings: 4/5

What is Fiverr and Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr is a platform that allows the freelancers to give their services in exchange for money in one place. Fiverr was created in the year 2010. Its name comes from the mission of the platform which was to have services starting at $5.

Fiverr received multiple complaints in regards to user reputability and authenticity. This encouraged Fiverr to launched a new product called Fiverr Pro, a new premium channel in 2017.

Fiverr Pro allows the professionals to list their services which are kept apart from the actual Fiverr platform. To sign up or get listed onto Fiverr Pro, you need to go through a very strict application process. Currently, only a few selected categories are available on Fiverr Pro but Fiverr is adding more categories to it. This new platform has also seen great success and growth in the past 2 years of its inception.

How To Apply For Fiverr Pro?

You need to fill in an submit an application form in order to qualify for Fiverr Pro which is open for the new Fiverr users and the old ones. This application includes your details like professional background, education and so on. Once you have submitted your application it is evaluated by the Fiverr team who personally verifies them and determines which professionals qualify and which don’t. 

Features of Fiverr Pro 

Here are a few features that make Fiverr Pro stand out from the other websites offering freelancer services and Fiverr too!

1. Easy To Use

Fiverr is actually very easy to use. With its filters and excellent display, you can easily navigate the website and look for what you want. This can be a logo for your business, a blog post or making a promotional video. Additionally, Fiverr has features that share the images and details about the freelancers which help you decide who to choose on the basis of price, type of work and deadlines.

2. Professional Experts

Hiring a full-time professional expert across a number of different categories is not something that small businesses, marketers and individual entrepreneurs can do. What they can do is, hire these experts for individual projects which is much more feasible to them.

Fiverr Pro allows you to do that. They verify the professional to make sure that they deliver exceptional results to their clients.

Fiverr Pro is also the place where you can look for verified professionals from various fields like graphics and design, digital marketing, writing, videos, music and audio and programming, and tech.

Advantages of Hiring Freelancers For Small Businesses

  • Freelancers give a chance to the small businesses to gain access to a pool of global talent. This gives the businesses a chance to find experts across various fields at different prices.
  • Flexibility to hire experts on the basis of needs.
  • Small businesses also have the option to find experts immediately and get a particular task completed ASAP. This will help you respond to the needs of your customers rather quickly.
  • Most of all, freelancers give your small businesses the opportunity and ability to compete.

Advantages Of Using Fiverr Pro As A Freelancers

Fiverr Pro is a group of verified experts that are handpicked by the Fiverr team. Here are a few main advantages of using Fiverr as a freelancer.

1. Getting Better Gigs

Fiverr Pro freelancers stand out from the rest of the Fiverr freelancers with a Pro badge. This badge lets the buyer know that they can trust you to deliver exceptional results in the given timelines and fulfill their requirements. While browsing through the categories, the buyer can filter out profiles so that only Pro freelancers can be seen. Getting a pro badge will definitely help you get better gigs.

2. Gives A Boost To Your Profile

By signing up to Fiverr Pro, you are upgrading your profile to an elite status that is reserved only for the best in the best talent. This also informs the buyers that you are skilled and you know that you belong to a selected elite few freelancers. Fiverr Pro attracts serious buyers who are running projects and they need to know that the person they are hiring is reliable and an expert.

3. Less Hassle

With Fiverr Pro, you are guaranteed to get paid on time. Fiverr promises it’s pro freelancers that they don’t have to worry about the payment. In addition to this, Pro also offers success managers to the pro freelances who are there to help you 24/7 in case you are facing and problems with communicating with your clients. Your success manager will resolve any issues that arise.

4. On Your Own Terms

When you sell your services on Fiverr Pro, you set your own terms. This includes charging the price which is fixed and cannot be negotiated by the buyers. You can also set custom offers to the buyers who have specific requirements but the ordering process remains the same.

5. Show Yourself

Fiverr Pro offers the opportunity to showcase your skills, education, qualifications, certificates gained and projects completed. These can help you make a good impression on the potential buyers when they see your profile. You can also tell the buyers about the successful gigs too!


Last Word

You don’t have to pay any membership fees to join Fiverr Pro, so in reality, you don’t lose anything if your application is rejected. This program also lets you apply again in case your application isn’t accepted. The referral fee that pays to get a gig through Fiverr Pro is the same as the regular Fiverr platform. But with Pro, you are given the freedom to charge the price you want.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have benefited from it. If I have missed anything about Fiverr Pro, I would love to hear them. Also, feel free to share your experiences with this Pro version of Fiverr in the comments section below. 

Thank you!

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Roland · September 8, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Thanks so much for sharing this fiverr pro out. I stopped being a freelancer on fiverr since the scam rates from the clients are getting much. Most people just want to take advantage of the platform without paying for the services they get. Also, die to the easy access it has, most join under pretext. This fiverr pro should be much more better as a platform and I would ve more than willing to give ir a trial again. Besides, it seems the pricing is better than fiverr. Thanks

Henderson · September 8, 2019 at 4:42 pm


, this is very good. I have heard about  fiverr and how good the platform is to help me make money online as a freelancer. I have worked on some other platforms and getting clients is usually hard but seeing this, I believe I’ll be getting better gigs. This is probably the platform that will take me back into freelancing. I’m happy that fiverr could upgrade their system and add in some new features too.  Great stuff.

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