Free Ways To Advertise Your Business Online! Are These Ways Legit?

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15 Free Ways To Advertise Your Business

You have your very own business, but it doesn’t count if you have no customers. A few businesses that are successful attract customers through word of mouth and other means like advertising too. By you don’t have a budget that will help you support and pay for advertising. 

You are wrong if you think that you need to have money for advertising. There is some good news for you if you think so, you can still advertise your business without a budget too! Here I’ll be showing you different ways that you can use to advertise your business on the internet.

These platforms are quite helpful for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who work with a very limited amount of money. They are also helpful for physical businesses too. You don’t have to use all the suggested ways of advertising, you can choose the one that works the best for you!

So let’s get started and help your business grow.

15 Ways To Advertise Your Business For FREE Online

1. Google My Business Google My Business

This is the first place that you should advertise your business if it’s a physical one. With Google business, you have the possibility to be found within the millions of searches that are carried out every single day. With this app, you add your business to the map and you link your physical business to Google. When people searching for something related to your business, they can easily find your business with the address and phone number. Link these to your social media profiles too.

2. Bing Places For Business

Bing is the second best to Google, this is a free advertising platform for business by Microsoft which allows you to add in multiple business locations, pictures and more. Registring to Bing Places is an easy process. Additionally, you can optimize your ads for various viewing platforms by means on Bing Places.


3. Yahoo Local

Running third behind Google and Bing, with Yahoo you can get free basic listings and have the option of affordable premium listing too. You can choose the premium plan when you have the budget to do so. You can sign up to Yahoo Local and establish your online presence for your business. Even though Yahoo is now not a search engine like it used to be but the listing does help out.

4. Citysearch

If you own a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar, spa or other types of businesses, you can benefit from Citysearch. This platform has partnered with Expedia, Urbanspoon and more. Listing your business with Citysearch will help you gain access to the platforms that it has partnered with. To promote your business here, you need to register your business and location.

5. Manta

This platform is dedicated to small businesses, Manta is one of the best directories out there, where you can put your business out there. This platform gets millions of visitors each month. With its a comprehensive database which is specific to geography, industry segments, and individual businesses, your business is likely to get a good number of visitors coming in.

6. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is one of the largest forum out there which generates tons of user questions on a daily basis. You must tap into this large versatile audience in order to build a name for yourself and your business.

The user questions asked here can be answered by experts like you. When you answer the questions of the users, you are drawing their attention your business which will help you become a thought leader in your industry and in turn attract new visitors and customers.

This is also a great way to showcase your quality content related to your niche outside your website. This allows a larger audience to read your posts.

7. Instagram

This app currently has a billion active users on a monthly basis and is also an excellent place to show people what you and your business are all about and what you are offering. This doesn’t work for all businesses due to the vast competition that you see here but it is definitely worth to have a presence on this platform since it is growing to become a major social media platform.

8. Email Targeting

Targeted emails are free, they also provide you with the highest rate of return which depends on the time and efforts spend on creating and building one. With email targeting, you can send promotional and useful material directly to your customers and potential customer on a daily or weekly basis.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. Even though there are a number of different ways to advertise and build your business, email marketing remains the most effective of them all and this has been proved time and again.

9. Facebook Profile Images

With adding relevant advertising images to your Facebook cover image or background images, you can promote your business to the people. You can add in offers, new services to these image spaces that will allow you to showcase your business to a large variety of people.

10. Using LinkedIn

With Linkedln, you can write blogs for your business and expand your business horizons. This, in turn, helps you build a presence in a B2B focused platform. You can also establish yourself as an expert and promote what you do and offer through these posts as well.

11. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on a website of a fellow blogger who is in the same niche as you can be a great way to reach new potential customers who are already interested in your niche. Though you will have to work something out between yourself and the blog owner and come to a mutually beneficial deal.

You can make use of a blog directory to find websites that are within your niche and offer a similar service or products as your website.

12. YouTube

YouTube has a phenomenal impact on helping you advertise your business worldwide. It is estimated that on an average atleast 40 hours of videos are watched by millions of people on a weekly basis. You cannot ignore this as a free business-building tool.

To get started with YouTube, you will need to do some research and learning, it also is a time-consuming process to add videos to YouTube, but one you do, it is a great marketing platform that will help you grow immensely.

13. Be Active On Facebook Groups/Communities

Facebook groups give you the opportunity to network and interact with people who might benefit from your expertise and services provided. Keep in mind to not be too salesy in these groups and let your knowledge be something that attracts the group members.

You need to find groups that are within your niche and then create a network from there. Additionally, you need to be active and help people out and this will in return build a reputation for yourself within the community.

14. Pinterest

Pinterest is something like an online mood board. The main purpose of Pinterest is to collect and save visuals in the form of pictures. You can create a number of boards where you can pin your pictures and also promote your website/business.

This is one of the extensively used social media platforms in regards to marketing your business.

15. Reddit

Reddit has more than 500 million visitors per month which can be extensively utilized for free marketing.

Reddit is somewhat different from your typical social media websites. On Reddit, posts, links and images that are shared by a user are then rated by the other users. Content that gains the most upvotes moves to the top of the list of Reddit in various categories giving them great exposure.



You may not have tons of money to spend on marketing in the beginning stage of your business but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any effective ways to advertise your business for free. The list above is proof of that.

Long before when the internet wasn’t even present, small businesses had cheap ways of marketing their products through fliers, sponsoring local events and more. Now, there is an endless number of ways on the internet that you can use to market but you need to know where to look for.

Also, these are free ways of marketing which might make it difficult and time-consuming to stand out. You have to be patient in order to see the results that you want. 


I hope you liked this post, if you wish to share anything or if I have missed out some free advertising method, do leave them in the comments section below. I would love to hear them. 

Thank you!


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