Global Affiliate Zone Review – A Pyramid Scheme?!

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Today, we are going to take a look at the Global Affiliate Zone program aka GAZ, and learn how this program really works. 
The purpose of this review is that you don’t sign up for this program without knowing what this program is about, pay for it and then, later on, learn that it’s a scam that you’ve invested in.

In this review, you’ll learn about Global Affiliate Zone, it’s products, the background of the company, price and the compensation plans.


Name: Global Affiliate Zone


Owners: Julian Sherman, Mathieu Jang, and Kameron George


Ratings: 3.5/5

What is Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone is the newest company out there that is trying to make a break in the MLM scene. It was founded in March 2016 by Julian Sherman, Matthieu Jang and Kameron George in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Global Affiliate Zone’s founding members were also coaches in the AWOL Academy, another affiliate/internet marketing opportunity. This program is focused on teaching it’s members how to make money online.  

Global Affiliate Zone or better known as GAZ is an online training platform that helps people make money online so that they can make it their full-time job using the training available.

You can also make money through their affiliate program after you have signed up and paid for your membership. Their main goal is to help people to ‘power-up’ their sales through the marketing routines established by them.

A lot of the training provided on Global Affiliate Zone revolves around Facebook like Facebook Ads. 
In short, you will learn the technics that the owners of Global Affiliate Zone have used to earn 6-7 figure incomes.

Additionally, many of the reviews found about GAZ on the internet say that it’s a scam and some of them are in favor of GAZ because they are affiliated with the program and want you to purchase it.

How Does Global Affiliate Zone Work?

The owners of GAZ have put together a training course that is said to genuinely help you build an online business from the comfort of your house. They have put all the various modules of an online business together to make the entire process easier.

Global Affiliate Zone Products

  • Here’s a list of the training you’ll receive:
  • Done-For-You Business Model – Opportunity to promote the program.
  • Training on building successful Facebook ad campaigns – help in traffic generation through Facebook PPC.
    Step-by-Step training videos
  • Sales Pages and videos.
  • Weekly live training
  • Access to GAZ’s Private Facebook Support Group
  • Personal coach

This list comes with various features, training courses, live webinars, interactive workshops and more to help you boost the traffic that you’re getting on your own website.

Global Affiliate Zone Training

In addition to the products mentioned above, GAZ helps you become a knowledgeable person in regards to the online marketing world. It also aims to help you increase your sales and traffic.

This program also permits its affiliate to send out ‘mass emails’. so that tons of people can sign up for this program.

Pro of Global Affiliate Zone

90% of the work is done for you within this program and you are only required to do the remaining 10%.

Cons of Global Affiliate Zone

Expensive monthly membership with too many up-sells. – $99 is the monthly membership fee with up-sells of up to $8,000! 

The training videos available only for Global Affiliate Zone Membership – The training videos don’t teach you how to build your business but they only teach you how to sell the Enagic water product to other people.

Lack of information – The information shared on the website is very vague and not really about the program and what they actually do.

What Global Affiliate Zone Really Hides From You

Global Affiliate Zone advertise themselves as a program providing first class affiliate marketing education and the active members say that, you can get rich by doing only 10% of the work while they do the remaining 90% of it for you.
In actual, the entire program is a sales funnel to a company called ‘Enagic’ which is a network marketing company that produces alkaline lonisers and water filtration systems to produce Kangen water.

Global Affiliate Zone has partnered with Enagic to sell their products. GAZ just teaches it’s members on how to sell the water filtration machines produced by Enagic.

Additionally, GAZ requires its members to invest in Enagic water products in order to sell them to people. The water products itself cost upto thousands of dollars and the purchase comes with a return policy of 7 days from the time of placing the order.

Global Affiliate Zone Compensation Plan

According to the website, you will earn up to 30% in the form of affiliate commissions, it can be from newly recruited or existing members. Your commission will be paid to you on a bi-monthly basis which can be $29.70 on every sale of $99/membership.
Along with affiliate commissions, you can earn through your own website too, once you have to build up more and more leads and traffic.

Global Affiliate Zone Cost

If you want to become an affiliate with Global Affiliate Zone, you are required to pay a monthly membership fee of $99. This also allows you to access the different resources available on this platform. These resources will help you build the sales and activity of your website.


Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

After taking a closer look at Global Affiliate Zone and what it’s owners have offered, I don’t think it’s a scam. In fact, it’s a system that I would recommend.

It looks like a legit program with satisfied members who are getting real results. Even the owners are well known and great marketers. It is basically an Internet Marketing learning platform that will help and teach you how to promote GAZ.

If you are ready to put in the hard work and follow their training step-by-step, it might actually work out really well for you and your online business.
Their sales video is also not very upfront about the costs incurred other than $99/monthly fee.

But a question that I need to ask is, What if Global Affiliate Zone disappears tomorrow?

Finding programs and businesses that last is a problem in today’s world.  If GAZ is gone tomorrow, your business will be completely in ruins and gone too! 

Hence, my advice would be, please don’t rely on GAZ completely to earn an income online. You can take the training, learn from them and then build an online business that will last and you won’t have to rely on anyone.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and it has helped you have a decision regarding Global Affiliate Zone. If you have any questions or you want to add anything, please do leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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