​Global Success Club Review | An Affiliate Marketing Membership Club

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​Global Success Club Review | An Affiliate Marketing Membership Club

Global Success Club is a membership club website that focuses on people who want to build their business online or in short Global Success Club offer training for affiliate marketing. This website was created by Vick S or better known as Vick Strizheus, an internet marketing entrepren​​eur in February 2011.

They also say that you don’t need any technical knowledge since they give their affiliates per-set web pages to promote the Global Success Club website. This is the main reason that when you search for Global Success Club you can only find websites of people who are already an affiliate with this program.

But how much of this program is actually true? Is it a legit opportunity or another scam? Let’s find out below.


Name: Global Success Club
Vick Strizheus
$97/per month

What is the Global Success Club?

Global Success Club is an ambitious training website for anyone and everyone looking for something in the ‘work from home/work online’ sectors. It’s also is a mixture between a business opportunity and a self-help seminar.

It offers training regarding affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales marketing and attraction marketing. These pieces of training are aimed towards newbies and experienced internet marketers too.

The concept behind Global Success Club is that, you cannot achieve success in the business world unless and until you have a positive attitude towards things which I think is true and needed for you to grow and succeed.

How Does the Global Success Club Work? 

Once you login to the ‘training hub’ or better known as the admin section, you will find a massive list of ‘pieces of training’ that cover all the marketing topics mentioned above.

There also is a business center where people advertise their services. For instance, tools needed to make money online, VIP center, Support center and more.

Vick says that every week new information has been added to this website in order to help its members with the latest and newest stuff. He also has some pretty good reviews about his other courses where they offer something of value to the member/subscriber. In addition to this, the members of the Global Success Club have access to regular videos and materials that are prepared by self-help gurus like Tony Robbins.

Overall, the website only has a few issues here and there which are continuously being cleared out and updated.

Global Success Club Price

To sign up for the Global Success Club, you will need to pay $1 for your first month and after this, it will cost you $99 per month.

To be honest, $97 sounds a fairly large amount of money to invest every month, especially if you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur and are a complete newbie. Either ways, you can weigh the pros and cons and according decide if you want to buy the membership or not.

Global Success Club might help you build an online business so that you can escape the 9-5 grid.

Advantages of Global Success Club

Business and Internet Marketing – Offers a number of videos on email marketing, PPC, Facebook Traffic and interviews with internet marketing experts; John Reese, Chris Brogan and more.

Success Coaching – Coaching and Seminars by famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Les Brown and other speakers. These videos are all about living life fully and reaching your goals.

 $1 Trial – This is honestly a great thing because you can try out the website and check if it works for you for $1 only, unlike websites that ask you to pay $100 without a trial period.

Disadvantages of Global Success Club

Too Good To Be True – Any program that promises you tons of money in a short amount of time is bound to set off warning bells. It is hard to believe anything that says ‘you will earn $100,000 in 90 days of joining’.

Monthly Fee – Actually there are tons of programs that train you with affiliate marketing, PPC, email marketing and more at about half the price of Global Success Club of $97. It seems ridiculous to pay such an amount as it seems that you are paying the motivational speakers too.

Too Salesy –  The first page looks like one of the ‘get rich quick’ schemes. These schemes just create a lot of hype in their sales copy but do not fulfill their promises. Personally, I have fallen for programs like these that turned out to be scams at the end of the day.

Global Success Club Support

They have a forum available on their membership site. You can ask your questions and get your queries resolved. You can also write to them on the email IDs provided on their page.  

Is It Worth It? 

The hype created by the owners is in order to sell their program. It is more of a referral/affiliate program where you earn money by getting people to sign up for your program.

The videos and seminars are totally useful and in a way worth the money but to be honest, there are a number of other programs on the internet that are offering the training and things offered at Global Success Club at a lower price.

That being said, the final call is completely yours. Global Success Club does offer a trial period for $1, you can just check it out and then make a decision.

I hope you enjoyed this review and it has helped you. If you have any questions or would like to share any details about the Global Success Club, please do so in the comments below.

Also, currently, I think this website has been shut down or is down for repairs for whatever reason. I was unable to find the correct website link while writing this review. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this and if you happen to have a link to the website do share it below.

Thank you!

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