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Are you struggling with keywords? Not getting traffic? confused & Frustrated? You’re are a newbie and need help with how to search for the right keywords?

Understand the importance of Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important and valuable elements that are absolutely necessary and important to all those who have a website, be it a blog, training website or anything else, you need to do keyword research for your website.

By searching your market’s keywords you not only learn which terms and phrases to target for SEO but all learn about your customers. It not always about getting traffic to your sites but it’s all about getting the right traffic/ visitors to your site that will further on help you and your a bond.

With the keyword research, you will get to know the shifts in demand, product or service and content that the active web searchers are seeking in your niche.

You’re can do a free keyword search below using the best tool in the market for keywords –


Some of the most important metrics that you need to look for while looking for the “quality” keyword –

1. Average/Monthly Searches.

These are the traffic numbers that you should be concerned with. I recommend that if you are going for natural ranking than any traffic is good traffic. When you rank under keywords, your site and visitors will grow too.

2. KQI (Keyword Quality Index).

This helps you know if the keyword quality is good or bad. This is a great way to narrow down your keyword search as it will let you know how the keyword will perform for you.

3. QSR (Quoted Search Results).

This is the ultimate competition metric. It quickly gathers information from the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and lets you know the exact number of competitors that are under the particular keyword. If you aim for under 200, you have a good chance of getting ranked, the make you can go up to is 400. There are tons of keywords out there and this is the obvious tool that will help you with this data.

4. SEO Score.

This determines if the keyword is a good choice for getting SEO rankings or no. If you can get rankings than you can earn money online – It’s that Simple! This is based on the traffic, nature of the keyword, competition and the keyword quality. Makes a super efficient and through research.

Below are the simple steps you need to follow to search for keywords –

Step 1 – Use a Keyword Research Tool to find the right Niche Keywords.

Before you get started on anything, of course, you need to choose your niche. Let’s say you have decided to build a site on ‘Traveling cheap’ that offers your views on places to visit, things to do hacks to travel cheap, etc. Regardless of being a nomad – full-time traveller it can still be challenging to know what keywords are going to work out well for you.

Keyword research will guide and help you in narrowing down the right keyword for YOU from a sea of keywords. It will help you identify the potential keywords that will drive in traffic and sales.

Step 2 – Refine Your Keyword List.

A list of keywords with no inherent value are in reality just suggestions. It’s what you do with these keywords and how you utilize them matters. So it’s important for you to refine your search.

Personally, while refining keywords using the Jaaxy tool, I consider the below points:

  • Look for the keyword that has the least competition, at least something within 200. This will help you get better rankings on the search engines.
  • Look for the Average people that have searched the keyword.
  • Find the keyword that I have at least some knowledge on or I can write on.
  • Write an article on it.

A list of keywords are just suggestions with no value. It’s what you do and how you use your keywords that matters. There are several ways to find keywords within your Niche. It’s finding the right one that matters.

Step 3: Determine the Competition of Your Niche Keyword Phrases

Lastly, you’ll have to analyze the competitiveness of each keyword phrase that you have come up with. Evaluate the difficulty of ranking on the search engines for each niche keyword. I would recommend you use a phrase that has the least competition it will help your site rank better and gain traffic. But also don’t go for something complicated or something that doesn’t make any grammatical sense.

For instance, If you have a blog on travel, you shouldn’t go for phrases that don’t make grammatical sense like, ‘How to travel cheap & save money hacks ‘. You’re can go for ‘How to travel cheap while saving money’ or ‘Hacks on travelling cheap and save money’.

Here’s a short training video on Keyword Mastery


Hope this post has helped you with your keyword research. If you have any questions or any suggestions to share, feel free to do so. You’re can leave them in the comments below.

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