How To Increase Your Engagement On Social Media

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How do you feel when people like & comment on your social media posts? Elasticated right?

A comment is a form of engagement which is usually a sign which means that people love your social media content. And it’s very important to respond to these interactions. At the same time, engaging with your followers can be time-consuming, in the case, where you are the sole person managing things, so you know you don’t have the whole day to spend in engaging with your followers.

So how do you lessen the time it takes to engage with your followers & still be spontaneous at the same time?

In this post, I’ll be sharing the tactics, tips and tools that are researched & I personally use to engage with my followers quickly & authentically.

Ways to engage with your followers on social media

There are a number of ways and technics to keep your followers engaged on social media, below are a few of them that are absolutely amazing and equally helpful!

1. Tag your Guest Bloggers Or People You’ve Quoted in Your Social Media Post

It’s the most human thing to want to be recognized for doing something different yet amazing. So tag the people you want to recognize in your social media posts. Here are a few ways that you too can use to engage fans, friends and the influencers with your social media accounts.

  • You are likely to refer to other peoples’ amazing content when you publish your own blog posts and videos. Thank those people by tagging them in a social post with a link back to the content you have published so that they can see that you have recognized their hard work.
  • You can also accept guest authors or bloggers to write for your website. Tag the guest bloggers in your social posts to promote their website too. They’ll get more likes, shares and comments on those posts which will make them feel awesome & they will most likely write for you again.

The point in doing this is that social media involves people. Tag your fans, friends, followers and the infulencers, business owners and others who have inspired you to build an engaged community.

2. Curate And Share Others’ Relevant & Valuable Content With Your Followers

Social media content curation is another awesome way for you to share the valuable content from a well-known person in your niche/industry with your followers.

Even if it’s not the content that you have created. Social media curation presents an awesome opporunity to tag the authors behing the pieces that you share. This recognizes that talent that you think is note worthy enough to share it with your followers while given you audience the chance to discover even more engaging content.

3. Share Your Content A Number Of Times On Social Media

You can get 30 times more clicks when you share your content on social media more than once. Let me explain, you can get 30% more traffic to your website by scheduling a few social posts to share your content with your followers.

You can share the same peice of content on social media more than once to help you fill up the social media posting. A good way to do so is to mix up a variety of posts rather than a single variety.

Here’s how you do it –

  • Use 3 kinds of headlines that workout best for engaging your followers, mainly how to, lists & questions.
  • Ask questions to pique the curiosity of your followers. It can be anything related to your post, like; what’s your take on this?
  • Post something controversial that makes your readers question their beliefs or behaviour, they’ll want to confirm or disapprove what you have shared by clicking through to learn more.
  • Combine humorous messages with a funny meme or GIF. Something that works really great is to try a post like ‘How do you’ll feel when you learn how to (experience desired benefit you teach in your content’. Then pair it with a GIF of someone excited.

Then you can share your content more than once:

  • On publishing: Social message sent when a blog post is live.
  • Same Day – Initial socail messages trickle out to your accounts over the next 2-3 hours.
  • Next Day – Posts shared again on the most appropriate socail channels.
  • Next Week – Another series of posts are pre- scheduled and sent the following week.
  • next month – Even more social media posts are pre schuled for the following month.
  • Next ____ – Additional posts that are optional an can be scheduled for 3 months mark or beyond.

4. Use Hashtags To Double Your Engagement                        

Yup, that’s right using hashtags on Twitter & Instagram can double your engagement rates. It’s basically a MUST. On other networks like Pinterest, they work well by categorzing our content. You can use hashtags to help your followers find your content. It also attracts new people to your social accounts.

5. Use Images, Memes and Animated GIFs to Increase Shares and Clicks.

Posts with images get more clicks than those without images. And posts with animated GIFs get even more clicks than posts with images. Memes are so in right now, they bring humour to busy news feeds and remember half of the people love sharing entertaining content. Let’s just say that it’s widely known that social media posts with visuals get more engagements.

6. Post Standalone Social Media Posts To Increase Shares

It’s easy to want to share content that contains link backs to your content. However, a growing trend is coming up for brands to share standalone social media posts. By that, I mean posting a message with a graphic that is something funny, inspirational or something encouraging.

7. Recycle Your Evergreen Content To Share Timelessly

Creating, sharing and repurposing the evergreen content helps in increasing your content’s results. Evergreen content is perfect for engaging your social media following because you’ll have relevant content that will mix into your posting schedule that,s also relevant.

8. Share The Content You Know Your Audience Loves (Again)

You most likely have timeless content that continues to perform greatly week after week, month after month, That top notch content is your evergreen content that you can share again. Use Google Analytics to understand which content is getting you more traffic. That’s a natural indicator of something your followers love, so share that content again.

9. Create A Facebook Group To Build A Community

Creating your own Facebook group gives you the opporunity to engage with your community. you can ask questions, get feedback on your upcoming content, ask for opinions, the kind of posts the like and more and even share more content. You can keep you group public, closed or a secret, it all depends on the kind of community engagement you’re hoping to gain. Write an intro and guidelines to help your followers participate accordingly. You can also select additional admins to help you manage your group.

10. Schedule Your Social Media Posts, To Send Them At The Best Times To Increase Your Reach

For every network (niche), there are certain time slots during the day when the users are most active. By scheduling your social media posts and posting them at the best times, you’re much more likely to get a huge engagement from your followers, From what I have experienced the weekdays and the evenings is the best time to share posts on your social media.

Tips On Creative Replies That You Can Use

If you have been repying to commments and mentions with a thank you, that’s an awesome frist leap. But it can be easy to fall into a habit of using a few standard replies. I’m guilty of that. There are many ways that you can use to spice up your replies, show your brand’s personality and keep your followers interested. Here are a few tips that I use & would recommend to you too.

1. Questions

Instead of just ‘Thank you’, you can engage with the person further and continue the discussion. A great way to do this is to ask her or him for their opinions on the topic.
For instance, if some one comments on your social media post that is linked to a blog post, you can ask the following questions –

  • What is your favourite part in this blog post?
  • what’s your takeaway from this post?
  • Do you agree with the things mentioned in this post?
  • What is your experience with (a tool or product)?
  • Have you tried any of the tips mentioned in this post before? if yes, how did it work out for you?

If they respond to your questions that is awesome, you can continue the conversation and build a good relationship with them

2. Emojis

The easiest way to make your replies seem more interesing, expressive and fun is to include emojis, your followers would know exactly that you are smiling while replying.

As emojis have now become a part of the social media languate, most people are used to seeing and using them in their social media posts and comments (including me!) It is also an efficent way to convey your tone and emotions in your replies. Unlike talking face-to-face or on the phone. It’s not easy for your followers to pick up your tone or emotions, they may misunderstand somethings too! But will emojis your followers will instantly know that you are simling or laughing while responding.

3. Images

Sometimes or rather most of the times the fastest and the easiest way to show or explain something on social media is through an image (especially on Twitter where you have only 140 characters.

Researchers have found that images are generally the best for answering support questios where we have to show or point to something out. Tools like CloudApp, Nimbus & Droplr allow you to add in annotations to your images, making your explanations much more clearer.

4. GIFs

Using of GIFs is another favourite way of thanking people who have shared your content, gave a shout out for you and more. With the new GIF button on Twitter and Facebook, you can easily find and add a GIF to your replies.

5. Videos

In 2015, the User Happiness team at Medium did a campaign where they answered questions with video responses. And their followers loved it! In a blog post, Gary Vaynerchuck explained why video replies are great for engagement. Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of videos daily! People spend nearly more than 4 hours daily by watching YouTube videos.

Its safe to now say that sharing videos & having your own YouTube channel will help you engage your fans and followers. So how can you create and share social videos that will boost your engagement?

  • If you’re looking for social media video ideas, consider how-to videos, entertainment, behind-the-scenes, sharing videos by influencers, motivational videos, culture, recruiting, response, shout-out, event, promotional, demonstration, interview and even customer testimonials.
  • The best video length for Facebook is about 1 minute & 30 seconds and Twitter’s direct upload video length is 2 minutes nd 20 seconds.
  • Recently, even Instagram videos are increasingly becoming popular. Uploading videos on Instagram helps in engaging your followers whilst attracting new followers to your account.
  • You can even redirect your followers to your Youtube Channel for more engagement.
  • For recording videos, you can start by using your smartphone or a video camera if you own one.
  • Edit your videos using the Windows Movie Makers, ScreenFlow and my personal favourite ScreenCast.
  • Use your social media message to get your followers excited to watch your video. Explain How it will benefit them to watch your video.

Ways to save time while engaging with your followers.

Engaging with your followers is important but you most likely also have a zillion of other important things to do, such as creating content, running your business or spending time with your family and friends. Below are a few strategies to help you save time while engaging with followers.

1. Craft your replies to common comments in advance.

Thanks for sharing this informative video! Do you have any tips for growing an Instagram account? Keep up the good work! These are a few of the common comments that you are likely to receive.
Preparing the answers to these comments and questions can help you reply faster as you don’t have to think much about it.
I would recommend coming up with a few variations so that you aren’t always replying with the same phrases, for instance, you can use the below –

  • Yay! thank’s for reading this! (emoij)
  • Thanks for dropping by!
  • You rock for reading my post!
  • Thanks for checking it out! will you be trying out any of the tips mentioned in the post/ video?
  • Thanks! have you tried any of the tips before? I would like to hear how it worked out for you!

2. Have a handy list of GIFs, emojis, and more

Instead of searching for GIFs on Twitter & Facebook, I would recommend keeping a folder of my favourite GIFs for various types of responses. This way you can quickly grab them without having to search. It is easier to have a list of emojis which can be found in the ‘recent’ tab on your keyboard. You can use them for quick access.

3. Use a social media engagement tool

One top recommendation for engaging with social media followers quickly is to use a tool that’s built in specifically for social media engagement. Instead of having to log in to each and every social media platform and checking the notifications tab, you can efficiently reply to comments from one single place.

Buffer Reply, Hootsuite and TweekDeck are a few recommended tools. Using these tools, you can have all your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook conversations in one single box.

4. Use automation to assist you

This is where a social media engagement tool is super helpful. For instance, you can set up automation rules with HootSuite so that you can respond to social media conversations as quickly as possible. You can filter out spams & focus on the more important comments & mentions.

5. Schedule time slots to engage

It’s really great to jump onto any comments almost immediately and give them a prompt and quick response. If it doesn’t disturb your daily work, you should probably keep it up. But for some of us who try to juggle between a ton of things, constantly stopping our work to reply to comments can affect your productivity.

What I do is set up a 1-hour schedule every day to respond and engage with my audience. At times I break this up into 30 minutes twice a day, to fit into my morning and evening schedule.

I would also love to learn from you. How do you engage with your followers? What tips do you have for those who want to minimize the time it takes to engage with their followers? You can share them in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading!!

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