How to Write Catchy Blog Titles? 8 Different Types Of Powerful Titles

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Writing catchy blog titles

Any blogger, marketer or writer will tell you that publishing your content is the easy part, it’s not that easy though. But making sure that your people are clicking, reading and commenting on your article is also important.

So how do you make your post more noticeable so that people click on your link and read your post? You do this by coming up with and writing catchy titles. The regular title templates have become really common now that they no longer get clicked on since there are thousands of posts with the same blog title types.
It is physiologically proven that people usually are attracted to titles that are interesting and catchy like ‘8 Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Drive Traffic to your website’. So it’s obvious that your audience too will like these titles.

But in case, you don’t know how to write catchy titles, keep reading! In this post, I will explain how to write catchy titles for your unique and valuable content.  

In order to come up with unique titles for your post,  you can apply these following steps to help you with that.

Step 1. Follow the 4 Pillars To Write Catchy Blog Titles

A basic principle is to rinse and repeat the strategy that you used for one of your blog posts’ that became successful. To do that, you can ask these four questions and rank your posts –

1. Is this topic something that your reader will be interested in learning more about?

2. Was this post researched thoroughly in order to produce unique content than the other posts?

3. Was the search for this post turned into actionable ‘how-to’ advice?

4. The keyword chosen was well researched and optimized?

After ranking the posts, compare the score of each post with its page views, this will show you which is the content that has been your best scoring one. If this is not the case, you know that you need to learn alot and strategically choose to publish better content.

Step 2. Use Psychological Triggers In Your Blog Titles.

You need to find out the triggers that people generally think a lot about. It can be curiosity, interest, uncertainty, and amazement.

Additionally, Content that is valuable and entertaining, content that makes them feel more involved, stays in touch with people and maintains relationships.

Using these triggers goes beyond writing catchy blog titles but these are things that you can aim for so that you write better content which will take tons of research too.
But even for titles, these triggers will help you; for instance, you can write titles to raise that interest and curiosity of the people like ‘ Wolf Millionaire Review 2019! A Hidden Scam Exposed’.

Step 3. Use Catchy Words That Will Increase Action

Besides telling a compelling story with your blog title that connects well with the needs of your audience, what words make blog titles even more attractive than other titles?

The best way to do this is by using the words your audience uses in your blog titles. The words usually save time, organized, scams and more.

An alternative way of doing this is by sending a survey to your email list. Promise them a reward which can be a free e-book or exclusive access. By doing this, it will not only give you blog ideas but you will also be able to do this in the words of your audience.

Step 4: Create and Use These Catchy Blog Title Templates

You can write down all the catchy titles that you can find through research and use these as an inspiration to write titles for your upcoming posts. There are also tons of experts that you use to copy and build templates for yourself. Some of the experts are Copy Hackers, CoSchedule and more.

Step 5. Use 5 Blog Title Tools To Help You Write Awesome Headline

With this last step, I’m sharing some tools that will help you out in writing awesome headlines.

Impact – This is a blog title generator tool that will help you. You just need to insert the headline that you like and it will show you a number of different titles that could work well.

HubSpot – This is also a title generator that will help you by just entering a couple of nouns that you like as your blog post, these nouns can also be keywords, with this you can generate a bunch of topics based on these nouns.

Portent – This tools will help you come up with trendy and humorous titles if that is what you are looking for.

8 Different Types of Titles

To further guide you by examples and types. Here are the different types of titles that work really well with getting more clicks.

1. ‘A Guide To’ Titles

‘A Guide’ communicates better with the readers, informing them that this post is giving you information that is important and can guide you too about a topic.

If you use a title that says ‘A Beginner’s Guide’ It will attract people who have zero to no experience in creating catchy blog titles.

Additionally, ‘Guide’ headlines work because they are promising to give you all the information, you need to know about a topic. So while creating ‘Guide’ blog titles, you can also use something like –

  • Step-By-Step Guide
  • In-Depth Guide
  • Beginner’s Guide
  • Ultimate Guide

There are a number of ways than this with the ‘guide’ title. You need to expand your title too. For instance, if your keyword title is ‘Guide To Training Dogs’, you can further expand it to, ‘Ultimate Guide To Train Your Dog In A Month’.

2. Titles with Numbers or Lists

Most readers like articles that are listed and that are for a reason. Lists are easier to read and write too. They are also the ones that get the most clicks on search engines. Lists work well because they are eye-catching and they organize information in a way that help you determine how long the article will be and how many new things you will learn. Some ideas being –

’10 ways to work from home”5 Secrets of ”X Reasons why…’
’20 Mindblowing Facts about’

These are a few ideas that make your title more creative and eye-grabbing. For instance, a good title would be ’10 Marketing Tools’ and you can make it interesting by adding, ‘Top 10 Marketing Tools that Every Marketer Should Have’.

3. ‘How To’ Titles

These titles are actually quite popular among bloggers and website owners. The reason behind this being that these articles get tons of clicks.

Also when you are trying to learn something or to get some information, you use ‘how to’. Since the articles with these titles tend to get more clicks and they ultimately help us solve our problem. Some post ideas for this type are –

  • ‘How to create’
  • ‘Mistakes and How To Avoid Them’
  • ‘How to Get more’

By expanding these you get the best title like ‘How to Easily Write A Product Review in 5 Steps’.

4. ‘Where, Why and What’ Titles

As we all know that we use the search engines to find information on something we don’t know about. This type of titles is similar to ‘How To’ articles, ‘Where, why and what’ articles also get tons of visitors. This is because they too answer our questions and make a promise that by reading the article you will learn something new or solve a problem that you are facing. Some ideas are –

  • ‘What is __ An inside look at’
  • ‘Where To find__and how to’
  • ‘Here’s why’

For instance, an interesting title in this niche would be ‘What is niche marketing: 10 benefits of niche marketing’

5. ‘Mistake To Avoid’ Titles

Everyone tends to make mistakes since at the end of the day we all are human. We also learn from the mistakes we make. These titles work best because it gives you the information that will help you avoid making the mistakes that are stopping you from gaining success. A few ideas on doing this are –

  • ‘Mistakes to Avoid’
  • ‘__ Mistakes That Are ‘
  • ‘Stop making these mistakes now’

An example showing the same is ‘5 Startup mistakes to avoid’.

6. Titles with ‘Everything You Need To Know About’ 

These titles are similar to the ‘Guide’ titles. ‘Everything You Need To Know About’ titles are eye-catching because it says that you will learn everything you need to know about a certain topic. A few instances being –

  • ‘Everything you need to know about’
  • ‘A beginner’s guide to__: Everything you need to know’
  • ‘Everything you need to know before__’

An example of this would be, ‘Everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate‘.

7. ‘Question (?)’ Titles

This is actually a great way to engage with your readers by asking them a question. This allows an interest in the spark in them from the beginning. This also makes the readers more involved. You can add a question in your title in the following ways –

  • ‘What Is_? These Strategies will help you out’
  • ‘Want to know the inside secrets to_?’
  • ‘___? An inside look at__’

For instance, ‘Is Microsoft Word better than Google Docs? 12 reasons why you should use Google Docs’.

8. ‘__ V/s __’ Titles

These titles are simply comparisons between two things, it can be an idea, though, product or service. The posts with these titles get a number of clicks because people find comparisons very useful before purchasing a product or downloading a program.

This shows if the product or service is best for them or no. A few ways of doing this are –

  • ‘ __ V/s __: Which One You Should Buy’
  • ‘ __ V/s ___: What is better for your business’
  • ‘ ___ V/s ___: Which One Should You Focus on now?’

For instance, ‘WordPress and Wix:  Which One you should use and why?’.


You must have seen the few title types that are creative and eye-catching and that coming up with one is not a complication or difficult too. Also while writing your unique content, combine different ideas. Do not stick to one or two templates only since this might make it too repetitive.

Lastly, the key to writing catchy titles is to come up with unique ideas and expand on those and also combine title templates to build one perfect title.

If this article has helped you, do share it with your peers and friends! If you know other types of titles that work really well and get tons of clicks, let me know about them in the comments below.

Thank you!

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