iMarketsLive Review | A Masked Forex Trading Scam

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iMarketsLive Review | A Masked Forex Trading Scam

Do you want to get rich with Forex trading? Thinking about choosing/joining the iMarketsLive program to do your trading?

You might want to rethink that because, like most of the MLMs, iMarketsLive (International Markinets Live) is a multi-level marketing company that works and deals only in Forex trading or Currency trading.

It’s quite similar to the trading done by that stock market but instead of shares, you buy and sell currencies. FOREX is much larger then the New York Stock Exchange market! 

iMarketsLive is doing the exact thing, they were bringing in about $6 million every month by 2017. They have also experienced a continuous growth in 2018 and 2019.

BUT, there’s an amount of disagreement going on around this network marketing platform. If you are skeptic about them too, keep reading to know more interesting info about them. 


Name: iMarketsLive


Owner: Christopher Terry

Price: starts from $15

Ratings: 1/5

What is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is a Forex trading MLM program that offers a number of trading products and services worldwide. It was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry.

iMarketsLive currently run their programs in over 120 countries with training available in 8 languages and their office headquaters at New York City.

iMarketsLive claims that it’s a software program (FX Signals Live) which has automated the process of Forex trading so that you can make a profit in the process. This program is said to mirror the trades done by Christopher himself and is said to help the members play with the Forex market without understanding it.

I personally don’t agree with this, it seems like you’re headed somewhere blindsighted.

The suprising fact is that iMarketsLive’s website doesn’t offer any proper information while almost all the other MLM and trading companies have some sort of bio on the founder/what the company is about which is strange.

    iMarketsLive Product

    A best way to make sure that a company is legit is by checking if their product is good and are people buying it.

    iMarketsLive is a financial trading software that helps it’s traders make the right decisions when it comes to trading and investing,

    They help by hosting Trading rooms daily, from Monday to Friday. This helps you take a peek at the iMarketLive traders as they show you exactly what they are doing to win the market. The CEO, Chris Terry also hosts these trading rooms and you get an opportunity to learn from him too.

    They also have a product called FX Signals which are buy and sell signals that the ‘professional IML traders’ make everyday. With FX Signals you can set it to automatic and forget about it. With this, you will be making the same buying/selling decisinos as the expert traders.

    In addition to this, iMarketsLive has a number of products that are used to assist you in your trading.

    Price of iMarketsLive

    On the official website, you can choose your plan or package from the different ones available. The prices start from $15 upto $225.

    Here’s the Compensation Plan of iMarketsLive: These plans are broken down into ‘Group Volumes’.

    PLATINUM 1504353: $150 $37.50
    PLATINUM 6001,74012: $600 $150
    PLATINUM 10004,35030: $1,000$ 250
    PLATINUM 200010,87575: $2,000 $500
    PLATINUM 500032,625225: $5,000 $1,250
    CHAIRMAN 1072,500500: $10,000 $2,500
    CHAIRMAN 25181,2501,250: $25,000 $6,250
    CHAIRMAN 50362,5002,500: $50,000 $12,500
    CHAIRMAN 100725,0005,000: $100,000 $25,000
    CHAIRMAN 2502,175,00015,000: $250,000 $62,500
    CHAIRMAN 5004,350,00030,000: $500,000 $125,000

    This looks like a complicated table, so just to put it in simple words. The more recruits you and your downline get the higher you rank and more income will be paid every month.

    Pros of iMarketsLive

    • Great potential to earn some serious money without any recruitment which is actually the requirement of almost every MLM program that exists.
    • Most MLMs require you to buy a number of products, iMarketsLive is something that you can easily work with from just your laptop or smartphone.
    • Tons of training material is available on this platform. The training includes, videos, tutorials, live help sessions and  more. Which is quite alot as compared to the other programs.

    Cons of iMarketsLive

    1. Too expensive

    The programs/advice on trading are usually quite expensive. This program cost upto $200 with an addition of $170 as a monthly fee which sums up too $2000 per year.

    2. Risky

    You could lose more money than the monthly fees you pay. Along with your membership fees, you are also required to risk your own hard earned money to play in the currency markets. You might lose all the money that you had invested.

    3. Different Reality Behind The Forex Marketing Tool

    Before the world, iMarketsLive is presented as a Forex trading/marketing tool but in reality, it’s just a cover to get you to sign up to their program and sell their products.

    According to me, there are a ton of products that are way better than iMarketsLive that are better and saleable and worth becoming an affiliate off.

    4. Shaky Past of the CEO

    The CEO Chris Terry has a past of working with MLM companies, Vemma Nutrition is one of them. Vemma was then shut down by the FTC for being a pryramid scheme.

    Also don’t forget that ultimately iMarketsLive is an MLM company which most definitely will include recruting other members.

    5. Wrong Beliefs about Forex

    There is a wrong belief among people about Forex that it’s easy to understand and start earning tons of profit ASAP.

    BUT, learning and understanding FOREX trading is quite a complex process and one can only become an expert of through experience.



    Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this product to you. It is a really doubtful opportunity. You can look at other programs and getting some proper training if you aim to become a Forex trader and if you want to become and affilate marketer there are tons of choices that are waaayy better than this program.

    iMarketsLive could be the way you make a fortune but the real question is that does it really bring you the results. Initally when you look at the product and the way it is presented, you will think that it’s a great product to make money.

    The software that iMarketsLive use is quite good, you might even make some profit with it but, they actually force you to become an affiliate and recruit new people seems like a ponzi scheme.

    I hope this review helped in clearing all your doubts about this program. If you have anything to share about this program, please do so in the comments below. Will be happy to hear them.

    Thank you!

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