Sendinblue Review 2019 – An Email Marketing Expert!?

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Sendinblue Review 2019 - An Email Marketing Expert!?


SendinBlue helps businesses in building relationships with their audiences through marketing campaigns, messaging and marketing automation. 

The platform is a combination of email suite and an SMS messaging service into one user-friendly tool. 

SendinBlue helps make the marketing of your business it alot easier by assisting to, design mobile-friendly emails, manage large email lists, optimize campaigns and also track the results for the same. 

Further to these, SendinBlue also has some very useful features, namely, customized sign-up forms, unlimited contact details, automated campaigns and more. 

All these splendid features have made SendinBlue a leading platform in the online marketing world.


Name: SendinBlue



Price: Starting from $ 25/monthly. 

Ratings: 4/5

What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue offers a package for free with which you can send up to 300 emails a day to unlimited contacts. This makes this platform the most affordable one than the other tons of email marketing websites. It is also one of the few websites that have a consistent price, even when your business is growing.

The process to become a SendinBlue affiliate is quite simple, you need to sign up and create your affiliate profile, where you will receive a custom link for yourself. 

You can include this link in your emails, banners and also on your website posts. You will receive a commission whenever someone purchases an email subscription within the first 60 days of signing-up

After this, you will receive a commission of 30% on the purchases made for the first 18 months. 

SendinBlue Pricing


Micro: $25/mo – 40,000 emails 

Bronze: $39/mo – 60,000 emails 

Silver: $66/mo – 120,000 emails 

Enterprise plans start at $173/mo for 350,000 emails 


$27 – 5,000 emails 

$47 – 10,000 emails 

$81 – 20,000 emails

$134 – 50,000 emails

SendinBlue Features

SendinBlue is said to be one of the best email responder websites. Here are a few features that set it apart from its competitors. 

1. SendinBlue’s Email Designer

You get 200+ email templates that help you in creating campaigns quickly. Along with this, you can also customize your content which can be easily done by the drag-and-drop feature. 

It also has great elements like text boxes, logos and more. When compared to MailChimp, SendinBlue falls short with its email designer feature. 

2. Personalization of Emails

SendinBlue offers a few email types that include, Newsletters, transactional emails, autoresponders, SMS and A/B tests. 

SendinBlue offers conditional content that allows you to display certain elements of the email to selected contacts and lists only. These elements can be discount offers, coupons and more. 

Additionally, you can also include dynamically-updated content too.

3. Contact Management

Contact management is a very important factor for you to successfully implement your email marketing strategy. With SendinBlue’s contact management, you can categorize, search and create lists that are updated automatically on the basis of your chosen criteria. 

This means that you can target the right people on your email lists by sending them personalized messages as per the needs of the consumer.

4. Landing Page Editor

On the Premium and Enterprise plans, you can avail a very modern and classy looking landing page editor which also has some really great looking templates to choose from or you can design your landing page from scratch if you wish too. 

A few of the reviewers also say this editor is much better than the email editor!

5. Email Automation

SendinBlue offers some really admirable automation options. These options are based on contact lists, email engagements, eCommerce activity, and website behavior. 
You can also test the workflows before actually launching them to your audience. In addition, their transactional email is also quite unique that lets you send purchases receipts and confirmations. 
Another feature called ‘Best Time’ that helps in automatically sending emails for you at optimal times and this is based on the performance of your previous campaigns.

6. Analysis and Reports

SendinBlue has a great number of reports available like click-maps, Geo-tracking, and Google Analytics integration but unfortunately, they don’t have the social and sales conversion data available.

7. Registration Forms and Opt-in and Opt-out Process

These forms are actually quite advanced and they offer some really great looking personalization features. 
With these forms, you are giving your subscriber the option to select the list that wants to opt into. You can also enable Captcha Verification. 

Also, if your users are filling a form via email, you can populate the fields with their data beforehand! You can also choose between Single and Double Opt-in options.

8. Available in 6 Languages

SendinBlue is available in 6 different languages that help in making readability easier for people whose first language isn’t English. It is available in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.

SendinBlue Support

You can access SendinBlue’s knowledge base which can be availed through the universal help button. Along with this, you can also drop in a message or speak to support through the Live Chat option. 

The knowledgebase available is really thorough and gives out tons of information and the Live Chats are also quite responsive.

Pros of SendinBlue

  • Easy to Use. 
  • Contact Management Capabilities
  • 9000 Free monthly emails
  • Fast and Helpful Customer Support
  • Responsive Email Templates

Cons of SendinBlue

  • Limited results and analytics options
  • Expensive for Dedicated IP



Transactional emails and deliverability are the two things that set SendinBlue apart from its competitors. SendinBlue has made some great progress in the last few years and this has made it a great email marketing platform with the automation features that it has developed with time. 

If you are a small business or bloggers, you can most definitely give SendinBlue a go. You will definitely not find a better deal at this price anywhere else. 

SendinBlue is one of the best tools if you want to work with one-on-one campaigns, on a low budget and are a business. 

I hope this review has helped you in whatever way possible. If I have missed anything regarding this program, please leave them in the comments below. 

Also if you have any experiences to share with SendinBlue, I would love to hear them!
Thank you!

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