UpWork Review 2019! Is It Better Than Fiverr?

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UpWork Review 2019 A better option then Fiverr

UpWork is a Freelancing website where various clients, for instance, businesses and companies hire freelancers for a particular project.

UpWork has an advantage in the industry due to its transparency and trustworthiness. UpWork goes through the trouble to sort out the applications and select the best talent. So, when the clients post jobs, they provide a description, budget, and a deadline.

If you are a freelancer and wish to apply for a particular project, you can place a bid where you will include a cover letter, a few samples, and answers to any specific questions that the client has asked. You are free to also quote your own rates to the client and they will let you know if the quoted rates work with their budget or no.

Overview  Upwork review 2019

Name: UpWork

Website: www.upwork.com

Owners: Stratis Karamanlakis and Odysseas Tsatalos

Ratings: 4/5

What Does UpWork Do?

The companies and businesses who require a freelancer, post a job along with their estimated budgets and requirements. The freelancers then look at these and decide what job works best for them and where they can perform well.

With UpWork Pro, the premium plan of UpWork, the team surges the best in the best talents that work best for your project, this helps the businesses save their time that they might have to spend on sorting through tons of proposals

What Makes UpWork different from the others?

UpWork offers an escrow payment system which helps maintain transparency and reliability. Access to talent from across the globe, mobile and desktop time tracker that is easy to use.

Features of UpWork

1. Keeping Up With The Developing Industry

UpWork is continuously growing at a great pace due to a vast number of gigs offered, the exceptional work done by the freelancers and the website being user-friendly.
There is also one issue that is faced here too like any other freelance website is scammers. There are a lot of scammers seen here from the developing countries who are newbies and not skilled freelancers. The way to avoid falling prey to these newbies is to hire only verified profiles.   

2. All You Could Wish For and More

With UpWork, the registration process for the freelancers has become much easier. If you are business, you can hire a freelancer directly or by interviewing them and discussing the details of your project. Contracts between businesses and freelancers can be made on a project basis or on an hourly basis.
Additionally, you can find promotional badges, time tracking software and more with UpWork.

3. Professional Visuals

The visuals of UpWork are stylish and glossy. The navigation also is smooth. In addition to this, the private messaging box is something that most of the freelancing website doesn’t have.

4. A Customer Support That Delivers

The Customer Support here has a team that delivers what it promises. You can contact the UpWork support team anytime for 24/7 through the multiple means of contact available.
With UpWork, you can contact support through live chat, ticket system, FAQs and phone calls.

The Pros of UpWork

Here are a few things that I really liked about this website.

1. Clients Can Invite You

The best thing about this feature is that you don’t always have to go and search for jobs. The clients who are looking for freelancers too can get in touch with you if they like your profile and think that you are a good fit for their particular project or assignment.

2. Rating and Reviews of Clients and Freelancers

A lot of freelancers leave reviews and rating for the clients for whom they have previously worked and Vise Versa. The clients too leave rating and reviews for the freelancers they have worked with.
This is actually a really good thing as in today’s world lots of scams and unreliable people are found. This helps you understand and get an idea on whether the opposite person whom you are working with is a genuine person to work with or no.

3. Average Hour Pay Rate

This is actually one of the best things that make UpWork unique. A few times clients don’t provide a specific budget in their job description. In this scenario, you can take a look at the average per hour rate that the client has paid to its previous freelancers.

This gives you an idea if the project is even worth applying for if the rate is actually lower than what you are currently getting.

4. Communication With UpWork

You can communicate with clients on UpWork itself without having to leave the platform. You are not necessarily required to share your email ID, phone number or any other personal details.  The ability to communicate is a good thing as this helps aviod any scammers or funny business.

It is entirely your choice to communicate with clients outside of UpWork but you won’t be protected by Upwork’s security.

5. Search Filter Options

The filter options at UpWork are quite convienent and useful too. This helps you to narrow down your search and you can view only the jobs that fall within the set filters.

The Cons of UpWork

All good and mellow things have side effects too. Here are a few things disliked about UpWork.

1. Low-Paying Clients

UpWork being a freelance website a number of clients come here expecting to find people willing to work for cheap. Alot of disagreements happen due to this factor.

Freelancers easily get frustrated by low paying offers but in the end, it’s your decision to choose such a low paying offer or no. In order to make good money, you have to be very selective of the clients you choose to work with.

2. Service Charge

Upwork takes a cut out of your pay as their own commission in other words service charge. If you see from a business point of view this makes sense, since UpWork is bringing freelancers and buisneses together.

Addtionally, UpWork takes a low cut which depends on the money that you are earning from a particular client. The more
money you earn the less charge is cut by UpWork.



If you have done some research on UpWork, you will find rants, posts that show UpWork in a negative light. Here I haven’t made out UpWork as a good or bad website.
I have simply stated the facts that I found out from experience and from the reviews online. In tur,n I don’t think Upwork is a scam or anything, it is infact a great website but I will let your personal experience be the judge of that.

So have you tried UpWork before? What is your experience with this platform? I would love to know, you can share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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